“The Arcisate-Stabio is increasingly at risk”

The contracting firm, ICS, had apparently presented a petition, that could lead to its withdrawing from the contract with RFI and Italfer. The news emerged during a meeting between the firm and trade unions.

The situation at the construction site of the Arcisate-Stabio rail connection is getting worse, and the concerns of trade unions, a few days ago, have now become a threat. What has made the severity of the situation even worse is that, should something stop the construction for good, employment, albeit extremely serious, would be only one of the huge problems to deal with.

The latest news concerning the situation was from a meeting, on the afternoon of Friday 10 May, between the trade unions and ICS, the firm that has a decisive share of the contract. The meeting apparently confirmed the worst forecasts of the trade unions.

According to what they were told, the firm has petitioned the Court of Rome, exploiting the problem of storing the earth, which has paralysed the construction site for months, which may lead to withdrawal from the contract with RFI and Italfer.

This communication alerted the trade unions, who immediately asked for a meeting with the Prefect to discuss the matter, also because of the deadline of the June redundancy payments, which, at this point, would stop.


The next action jointly scheduled by the trade unions is a general assembly of the employees, next Thursday, 16 May. In the meantime, they are asking for an urgent meeting with the Prefect, intervention by the regional councillor for Infrastructure and Mobility, and a meeting with everyone involved in the situation, to clarify the terms and implications of the new problems that have arisen.

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Pubblicato il 14 maggio 2013
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