Enterogermina “Made in Origgio” is increasingly green

The new trigeneration plant, which will enable cutting costs, and lead to greater care for the environment, was presented at the international pharmaceutical company.

Enterogermina sempre più green

Sanofi, in Origgio, the leading company in the production of Enterogermina and Maalox, is increasing its attention to the environment. The new trigeneration plant, which will enable the factory near Saronno to reduce its energy bill, which accounts for 13.6% of total expenses, was presented on the morning of Thursday, 31 March.

Besides the company’s management, Luca Marsico, the chairman of Lombardy Region’s 6th Health Commission, Francesca Brianza, the Post-Expo Regional Councillor, Alessandro Fagioli, the Mayor of Saronno, and Azzalini, the Deputy Mayor of Origgio, were also present.

As explained by Luca Angelini, the engineer who presented the work, the trigeneration plant is intended to produce electricity, heat and steam, by recycling smoke, and “has been designed to improve the energy efficiency of the production site, enabling a 27.8% reduction in energy costs, while contributing to reducing CO2 emissions by 3%.”

“For Sanofi, it’s only a process that concerns a more overall attention,” continued Roberto Di Domenico, the manager of the plant in Origgio. “It’s no coincidence that there’s a dedicated team on the site, which has led to numerous projects whose priorities are the environment and sustainability. On the matter of the trigeneration plant, the energy efficiency is essential to continue to be the world centre for the production of Enterogermina, a drug that combats alterations to the intestinal bacterial flora, that is entirely “Made in Origgio”. Together with that of Varese, there are already four cogeneration and trigeneration plants in Sanofi factories around the world.

“We’re in a place of excellence in this region,” Marsico said with satisfaction. “We’ve understood that, from a technological point of view, the company has invested for the benefit of the environment, with a view to sustainability. I hope this company will develop these advanced systems even more.”

Regional Councillor Brianza agreed. “I must join in with this double pride of having such excellence in our area. I’m happy that I understand what is done here, the attention to the environment and technological innovation. As the Regional Council, we can only be satisfied with being close to these plants, which have a lot to give to the area.”

“I can’t say I’m at home, because I came here also as a Provincial Councillor in the past,” the Mayor of Saronno concluded. “A company that embraces the territory creates collaboration with young people and makes them grow by bringing them into it. It’s a company that also creates cultural wealth, by sponsoring several, local initiatives, and is an example for many.”

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