Eolo grows even more: “new branch for 400 people.”

The telecommunication company grew by 30% in 2015 and the branch in Bustio Arsizio, inaugurated in 2012, is no longer enough: “We are planning a new space of 2,500 square meters for the smart working.”


When in 2012 the new branch of Eolo in Busto Arsizio was inaugurated, few would have imagined that only 4 years later it would become tight. However it is already time to get bigger. “When we arrived there, these spaces seemed enormous to us,” said Luca Spada, president and CEO of Eolo, “but at that time we were only about 70 people, now we are 250.”

Many, but still not so many for a company that continues to grow. In 2015 it hired 72 people and is planning to hire, in 2016, 50 more people “motivated by an increase in income of 30% compared to 2014, which reached 57 million and by having 200,000 active costumers,” explained Spada. These are data against the flow in the telecommunication world “where, last year, big companies closed the budget in negative” that motivated Eolo to get even bigger with a new branch.

In the mall that today appears behind the company “new offices of 2,500 square meters able to gather up to 400 people” will be constructed. In the next few days the company will receive authorizations from the municipality and then the construction works will start. All should be concluded in one year, making available to Eolo, new spaces to grow, creating also a new model of company in the spirit of smart working.

Spada explained: “As we are growing at this rate, we are obligated to reorganize the company ,” and to do so “physical spaces cannot dictate.” So the new branch of the company will be divided into three big spaces: “speaker, semi speaker and silent.” A new space that “will abandon the idea of being stuck behind a desk” and will propose innovative solutions in order to make our employees work in a better way: “the call center positions will be soundproofed and the desks could be raised in order to allow people who want to work standing up.”

These are spaces that will be essential for all the new projects the company wants to carry out in order to achieve the aim of 2020, that means giving the possibility to all the Italian citizens to have available a 20 mega connection and at least to 50% of the population a 100 mega connection. “In the next few days, the government will present the announcements,” explained Spada, “ and we want to be the main representative for this territory, taking with us our experience and our abilities.” This will be the subject of a conference planned on Friday 6 May with mayors (current or aspiring ones) and workers of the organized sector under the Primarie delle Idee of the Busto Arsizio municipality.

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