Design “made in Italy” for the dearly departed

In Varese, the Goldsmith society revolutionises a definitively object gloomy: the urn. A show in Villa Recalcati takes care to reveal these special works in gem and gold.

Could you keep your dearly departed on the fireside? Perhaps yes.

Or perhaps you are among the ones that have already tormented yourselves to find a burial niche near relatives. Or perhaps, you didn’t dislike the idea of keeping your Gran on the dresser, something which you have seen in some films.

It could be a wise and economical decision, to avoid more pain and too much spending: and if you really decide to do it you know that not only will you save on the price and burial troubles, but you will restart the economy. Or even better the "made in Italy" label which after clothing, furnishing and gastronomy now passes to a particular way of working gem: the creation of fashionable urns.

It is not a joke, it is a serous idea, that came to the Varese goldsmith society and it has financed from the start by Varese’s Chamber of Commerce – after precise market studies and thanks to the diffusion of Cremations which make this type of choice possible: "During the goldsmith crisis situation it was necessary to produce new ideas, look for new distribution channels for our creations, in addition to jeweller’s shop and wholesale dealer – explains Germano Casone the society director – so we thought about urns, which after the decree of 2004 allow to have the ashes become an object that is more used. Instead openly, on the market there are things so cheap. So, why not to create something precious for such an important moment"?

Straightaway: the result is "Cineris" that from Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th November gathers together the first 20 pieces of art and Italian design to make precious cinerary urn. The show which will be opened on Friday 26th November at 5.30 pm in the new neoclassical of Villa Recalcati in Varese, see forms and inspirations for all tastes: from candles to cubes decorated with golden links. Among them, there is one which has zen garden on its cover: obviously not made with ashes, which have to be preserved in a place where they cannot scatter, but in any case evocative and decorative.

"We know that this choice to restart the economy ofthis sector can appear also too original – explains Maurizio Colombo, vice-president of the society and member of the council of the Chamber of Commerce – you can imagine the first comments to the initiative: we have seen so many smiles and perplexed faces. But then  we spoke about business and economy which does know how to stop, and a market that is completely without pieces like ours. At the end they trusted us: so I am proud that tradition continues and I am proud that the Chamber of Commerce helped us get here. Now, we are hoping for all go well to take again the place that we merit in the global goldsmith scne. It could be also the chest of of drawers or fireplace of half world (the urn tradition is particularly live in nordic and Anglo-Saxon countries)with peace to the dead Granny.


Pubblicato il 26 novembre 2010
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