Notification of eviction to the Quiete: everyone out by 9th January

63 people work for the historic clinic. The Labour force: « A true cold shower because the Group Casinelli would have given even the additional 13th month bonuses. We will notify the Prefect and the Mayor »

presidio sindacale alla Quiete

The judicial officer has notified the executive eviction order to the Quiete: by 9th January the premises must be free of people and machinery. A true cold shower for 63 workers of the historic clinic which for the first time after many months living in uncertainty, could hope for a peaceful Christmas. The Group Casinelli, with the intention of extracting the two branches of the company (La quiete diagnostica srl and La quiete servizi srl) from the Gruppo Sant’Alessandro (GSA) in Frosinone, had in fact paid almost all of the wages in arrears and next week would have given even the additional 13th month bonuses. All positive signs for continued operation.

“If this decision had come in July,” explains Cinzia Bianchi of the CGIL, ” it was understandable, but now not at all. Casinelli have done all that they promised, the situation had been stabilised, employees had continued to work, patients are there. Therefore there were all the conditions to continue. But by 9th January, they need to empty the structure: patients will have to leave, and the equipment and staff will have to follow them. Where? We will notify the Prefect and the Mayor of the situation and then we will go by the court to understand the reasons.”

Pubblicato il 14 dicembre 2016
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