Agcom fines Tim, Vodafone, Wind and Fastweb for bills at 28 days

Penalties from 1,160,000 for each operator and now Codacons goes on the counterattack: "Users rebel and ask for reimbursements of what you have paid extra." Here's how to do it


Agcom has sanctioned with the maximum of the law Tim, Vodafone, Wind, Tre and

Fastweb for failure to comply with the obligation of monthly billing. The penalty amounts to 1,160,000 for each operator. Basically Agcom “punished” telephone companies that issue bills at 28 days instead of monthly.


Satisfied but not enough, Codacons, that has long led a battle to bring back the monthly billing: “The telephone operators have begun to introduce billing at 28 days already during 2015, but not even the penalties imposed by the antitrust to the 3 major companies active in the Italian market were enough: pity that in this way the months become 13, and thus grow out of proportion the costs for citizens/users“.

After the ruling of Agcom, Codacons comments: “A fine that is right in the intentions, because it reiterates the absolute illegality of the operation of the telephone operators, but ‘ridiculous’ in its entity, because at all proportionate to the revenue collected by the companies of Telephony due to 28-day billing. This fine just tickles the phone companies,” says President Carlo Rienzi, “this is because the operators, thanks to the bills every 28 days, have cashed in two years about 2 billion euros, receiving a penalty from just 1,160,000 euros that doesn’t nick their accounts in the least. ”

Therefore, Codacons invites users to apply for reimbursements from telephone companies and pay-TV and request the return of the largest sums paid because of the 28-day billing. On the site of the association is available the form to start the refund procedure for the regional Corecom: At this link, you can find all the information.

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