Cecchi: “The civic library is a place to go”

The library is a place that goes beyond the lending of books. A conversation with the councillor of culture, at the edge of the presentation of #inthelibrary

Roberto Cecchi

For the first time, the civic library of Varese has events for Varese citizens where they can discover and visit the building on days and at times that are unusual: often on Sunday, in many cases from 6pm to 8pm. This is a small revolution in a historic place of Varese, which, until now, has been considered just a place where “The town hall lends books.”

We have tried to ask for the reasons of this initiative to the councillor of culture, Roberto Cecchi.

“The interest for the library began immediately and with the extra opening, students used it as a reading room. But, this is a first initiative for the Varese library that aims to bring attention to the building. First of all, we want a greater number of people to be aware of the library and then, that they begin and continue to use it. It is one of the essential topics for the city of Varese,” said Cecchi.




The initiative, until July, establishes some meetings about different subject matters. During 2018, this initiative will not be the last with the library as protagonist: “This is a small preview. There will be a preview of the Nature Urbane festival in September, a few days before the second edition, with the library as protagonist. But the details will be given later,” said Cecchi.



On occasion of the presentation of the events in the public library, we took the opportunity to ask the councillor of culture some questions about the importance of this place.

What is a library over the books?

“The library is a place of meeting and culture: people not only read, but also discuss; it’s a place of aggregation and identification. In practical terms, it’s a place where people can have a break, read, think, take, and read something from the newspaper and periodical library.”

Why do the events of #INTHELIBRARY go above and beyond the narrowest culture of book?

“In order to captivate the attention of the people in this place: free events that make the contact with this place easy, and to put in the centre the topic of knowledge, which is fundamental but it can slip from people’s minds.”

What is the importance of culture?

“The other day there was minister Calenda in Varese, who highlighted something that is perhaps a little habitual, that is, that culture and knowledge are on the centre of the economic values. Culture isn’t a value in itself, but it’s what enriches everything.”

The library of Varese is in a particularly inspiring place. Do you think that in a library the place counts?

“Yes, of course: the library of the Germanic institute of Florence, whose researches are characterised in the history of art, take place in a garden: both in spring and in autumn, it’s a place of study and of beauty too. Even the library of Varese gives these inspirations.”

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