Argument between students: the father intervenes and knocks down the classmate

It happened at the Righi School while the students were coming back from watching a film against bullying. A sudden aggression

scuola media righi

He ended up in the emergency room after being hit by his schoolmate’s father. It happened to a second-year pupil of the Righi middle school in Varese: “It was a very serious episode,” comments the manager Giovanni Ballarini, “a fact that should not have happened, especially since the students had been at the Nuovo theatre to watch a film against bullying.”

According to the first reconstruction, the two classmates argued and then, with the whole class, they went to the theatre. Before leaving, however, the teacher wrote a note on the electronic register of both of them. On the way back from the theatre, while walking in a row along the pavement, near the school, the parent of one of the students involved in the argument punched the classmate. A sudden gesture that caught everyone by surprise so much so that the teacher was unable to intervene to defend the boy.

At that point the alarm went off: the ambulance arrived and took the student to the hospital for a check-up while a police car came to clarify what occurred and interrogate the father.

“As school we deplore the gesture,” comments Ballarini, “I was personally in the class of the boys involved and I reassured them. The negative example of adults creates a lot of confusion among the students: we are committed to fighting bullying and to stop any kind of abuse. These episodes create a heavy climate. Even the school office was informed of the episode.”

The first aid report is now awaited to quantify any injuries suffered by the child; the police reminded the injured boy’s parents of the possibility of filing a lawsuit.

Pubblicato il 16 maggio 2018
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