Fancy a biking holiday? In Varese, you can plan it on-line

The "Road to wellness" is the name of the project for cycle tourism. You can create a virtual route, online, decide on where to stop on the way and which routes to take, and find the nearest hotels.

After landing at Malpensa Airport, get on a bike and ride along the paths surrounded by nature; visit the Rocca, in Angera, and watch the sunset from Santa Caterina of Sasso. But what about your luggage? It will follow you, by coach. But that’s not all!
Between one assisted cycle ride (when you don’t want to make the effort, you can apply the accelerator) and another, you can whet your appetite with the local produce, or, if you’re a golf enthusiasts, play a round or two.
Today, discovering Varese on two wheels has become easier, thanks to a family-sized project, that combines nature, bicycles and a number of specially provided services.

Starting in the province of Varese, you can go as far as Mendrisio. The initiative is called the "Road to wellness", for a revitalising holiday.
This is the new wager in tourism in the Varese province. You can plan all routes, stopping points and themes, at home, on the dedicated website.
For example: if you want to travel over the Verbano ridge in Lombardy, you can choose a cycle route of about 39 km: leaving from the Abbey of San Donato, in Sesto Calende, you come to the Villa Frua in Laveno, passing through Lisanza, Taino, Angera, Ranco, Ispra, Brebbia, Monvalle, Leggiuno and Laveno.

The program also allows to examine the characteristics of the land, beforehand, the descents and climbs, and to look through an album of photos which will be added to, with time, by the tourists that travel along those paths. Then, where do you sleep? You can also decide this in advance, in accordance with the route you select. Indeed, on the map you can find a number of hotels equipped for this kind of tourism, where, for example, you can leave run-down bicycles, and set off the following morning on another that is ready to use. You can also check availability and book on-line.

In order to improve and build up the project, experts at the "Varese Convention and Visitors Bureau" and at the Tourist Office in Mendrisio and Basso Ceresio, are working to provide tourists with a variety of suggestions and to create a network.

"The fact that many hotels are joining makes us optimistic, it means that hoteliers believe in this project," explains Varese director, Mauro D’Errico. “In this case, cycle tourism has been conceived as being not only for the experts, but also for families and for anyone that wants to try out a different holiday, in touch with beautiful landscapes, in an area that has a lot to offer. In the future, the hotels themselves will suggest alternative routes, in addition to those already known. For example, exploring the area surrounding the hotel. This province can do it: there are lakes, historical places and stately buildings.
We must create interest in these great treasures.

Pubblicato il 19 novembre 2009
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