My son and husband are now safe, thanks to a special surgeon

Antonietta recounts what happened during an accident in 2002 involving her husband and her son at the waterfall in Cittiglio. After years of operations and hospitalisations, they are now fine.

My name’s Antonietta, I’m the mother of the son, and wife of the husband, who, 9 years ago, on 1 April 2002, had an accident at the waterfall in Cittiglio, in which they fell from a height of about 15 metres. My son, who was about a year and a half old, suffered a severe head injury and underwent emergency surgery at the “Circolo” Hospital, in Varese; my husband, who was 29, fractured his pelvis and his femur, and was hospitalised and operated on at the hospital in Cittiglio. The title of the article you published on 2 April, 2002, was “Father and son fall at the waterfall in Cittiglio”. Today, 4 May 2011, I can confirm that the accident has had a satisfying outcome, despite numerous problems.

My son, who is now 11, underwent his last operation on 20 April 2011; his skull was reconstructed during cranioplasty, in which a titanium-based resin was used. His progress after the operation was excellent, and his recovery, very fast, thanks to Dr. Mario Soldati, the neurosurgeon who first operated on him at the hospital in Varese, where he had been taken, close to death, and who has followed his case all these years, with affection and professionalism. Today, Dr. Mario Soldati is a neurosurgeon at Novara Hospital, where my son underwent his last operation.

Over the years, my husband has undergone 4 operations on his femur, and has now gone back to work, albeit with a bit of difficulty.

Today, they are both fine, and they live normal lives, also thanks to all the people who have helped us since this terrible incident, and who have been close to us, both materially and morally. I’d really like to thank everybody, but most of all, Dr. Mario Soldati. Thank you very much.

Pubblicato il 06 maggio 2011
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