Schifani visits Insubria University. “In politics, a battle is not the winning strategy.”

The President of the Senate gave a speech dedicated to young people, but even more so, to the need to re-establish dialogue over the country’s future.

“Our country needs reforms. Some are necessary and must be introduced as soon as possible. But in order for this to happen, politicians on both sides must talk to each other and exchange ideas.” During his visit to Varese, the President of the Senate, Renato Schifani, spoke about the future, the Constitution and politics. After a meeting, in Villa Recalcati, with the mayors of the province, he gave a speech, in the Great Hall, in Via Ravasi, entitled “Young people and the Constitution”. He began by remembering Giovanni Falcone, who was killed by the mafia on 23 May, nineteen years ago. He described Falcone as “a great man, an honest and courageous judge, who dedicated his life to justice.”

Schifani spoke about rights, and about the changes that are taking place in this country, but what he repeated most often was how important it is to re-establish dialogue, almost seeking to distance himself from a political atmosphere that has become overheated. “When it comes to matters concerning the stability, wellbeing and future of the Italian people, a battle is never the winning strategy,” Schifani said. For the President, reinstating an atmosphere of collaboration, not one of confrontation, is a real necessity. “When faced with noble objectives that are essential for the good of the country, the process of transformation requires a sense of responsibility; we must abandon sterile confrontations that are an end in themselves, or even more so, egoism.” We must “sit around the same table and exchange ideas, in an atmosphere of reciprocal collaboration, with a desire to act. We must always look for points of agreement.”

“Tolerance in the political arena is threatened by episodes that take us back to the dark years of European history, when politics was seen as a confrontation between friend and foe.”

The “lesson” given by Schifani was targeted at young people, but also at the staff of the university and at the numerous authorities present. “Young people are experiencing conditions of unease and uncertainty, due also to youth unemployment. The danger is that these conditions will stop them from getting involved in politics.”

“For decades, the national debt has burdened future generations with the cost of the State. As a result, even the solidarity between different generations may be put at risk.”

Only two months ago, the Great Hall had welcomed the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, who, from the same stage, had called for social and political cohesion. And the Chancellor of Insubria, Renzo Dionigi, had spoken on the topic most dear to him, namely, the university. “It’s essential that all of the Italian political powers work together to ensure that state universities are given, or rather, given back, all of the economic resources without which it will effectively be impossible, not only to begin the reform, in accordance with the new legal provisions, but even to carry on the traditional duties. Only timely and adequate funding will enable enhancing the presence of state universities in the civil, economic and social fabric of the respective areas of competence, and contribute to the civil and cultural, education and growth of the generations to come. This requirement stems from the desire to carry out, effectively, all of the work of research, and of control over the quality of knowledge and of education, which we regard not only as a duty, but as the underlying reason for our commitment.”

Pubblicato il 24 maggio 2011
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