New school for “flight technicians” begins in Volandia

The chairman of the foundation “ITS Lombardo Mobilità Sostenibile”, Angelo Candiani, inaugurates the start of lessons for the 88 students. “The students at the school in Case Nuove, are the aeronautical employees of tomorrow.”

VolandiaA new start, in the place where it all began, in the Caproni factory, which has now become the “Volandia Museum”, beside Milan’s Malpensa Airport. This morning saw the official start of lessons in the technical college for sustainable mobility, extremely professional training, which had already begun in the school in Case Nuove, near Somma Lombardo.

On the afternoon of 27 October, the students will be behind the desks to begin their training. Angelo Candiani, the chairman of the foundation “ITS Lombardo”, rang the bell this morning, accompanied by everyone involved in the project, which has now become a reality.

The Technical College for Transport and Intermodal Logistics involves the “Ponti” College, which is the main institute, with collaboration by the “J.C. Maxwell” College, in Milan, the training organisations ASLAM and CFLI, the “Carlo Cattaneo” University in Castellanza (LIUC), the companies Agusta, Neos and Air Vergiate, and Somma Lombardo town council. The training is similar to that provided by the other training college, the Technical Institute for Integrated Logistics, which also involves the company Malpensa Logistica Europa. All is under the guidance of Varese Province and of Lombardy Region.

The aim is to provide training that responds to the specific demands of the companies that operate in the aeronautical sector, which, as all of the industrial representatives who attended the opening ceremony, said, have increasing difficulty in finding “students with appropriate training to enter the world of work.”

“In Varese Province, the aeronautical sector has inestimable industrial potential,” Angelo Candiani explained.

There are 88 new “students” on the new ITS maintenance and assembly courses, plus 30 attending the IFTS courses; these were the people selected from the original 157 candidates.

All of them will be sitting behind the desks of the school in Case Nuove, which, in the next few months, will undergo building work. The school, which opened about a year ago, with the first complex, which houses classrooms and workshops, is going to be enlarged considerably. This was announced by the Mayor of Somma Lombardo, Guido Colombo, who confirmed that the work, for approximately €3.5 million, to construct buildings in addition to the school complex, is going ahead. “If everything goes well, they’ll be ready in about 12 months,” President Candiani assured.

So, three courses have begun, lasting 3000 hours (with 900 hours in industry), and 2000 hours (with 600 hours in industry) for the ITS courses, and 1000 hours (with 300 hours in industry) for the IFTS course.

Pubblicato il 31 ottobre 2011
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