Cyclists up in arms: “Stop the bloodshed on the roads. Let’s reduce the speed limit to 30 km/h.”

After the latest accidents, the demands of the activists: “Stop the road deaths. Local administrators, do something.”

We have received, and are publishing, a note from FIAB Ciclocittà Varese, FIAB Ciclocittà Saronno, and FIAB Amicinbici Cardano al Campo.

Following the two latest serious accidents, the urban cycling associations of Varese are now calling for local councils to make a concrete commitment.

In the last week, another two victims of fatal accidents, in Sumirago and Gallarate, were added to the numerous victims in Varese Province, in recent years.

Administrators and street authorities must take on the responsibility of putting an end to this slaughter. They must first stop thinking that people travel primarily by car, and stop producing policies whose purpose is to support motor traffic, also at the expanse of those who use a lighter and less intrusive means of transport, like a bicycle.

We are calling on councils to create 30 km/h zones, to promote interventions that curb traffic, and to increase checks and sanctions for undisciplined drivers.

FIAB Ciclocittà Varese, FIAB Ciclocittà Saronno and FIAB Amicinbici Cardano al Campo

The accidents over the last few days:

-Vergiate, A man dies after being run over by a car

-Gallarate, A woman dies after being knocked down on her bicycle in Via Carlo Noè

-Sumirago, Forty-year-old found dead on the side of the road

Pubblicato il 17 dicembre 2012
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