The Scidurlo Family, in the “uplifting” reality show

Last Summer, VareseNews followed Pietro on his journey to Santiago de Compostela. Every Tuesday, the Scidurlo family will link up with the television studio of TV2000, in Rome, from their home in Somma Lombardo.

One of the new families taking part in “Romanzo Familiare”, the “uplifting” reality show entirely dedicated to Italian families, which is broadcast on TV2000, Monday to Friday, at 7 pm, is from Varese Province. They are the Scidurlo family, who were followed, last summer, by VareseNews, on their journey to Santiago de Compostela, led by Pietro.

Every Tuesday, the Scidurlos will link up with the television studio in Rome, from Somma Lombardo to describe, week by week, their “special”, everyday lives, commenting, with the audience, on situations and events recorded in a video diary.

What is described by the Scidurlos is the life of a family that deals with disability every day. The father, Bartolomeo, who is retired, and mother, Tiziana, who is a housewife, have two children: Chiara, 29, who is married to Massimiliano, and Pietro, 34, who has been disabled since birth. It took a long time for the whole family to become calmly aware of the condition of Pietro, who today, is just like his peers. He lives alone, in a flat near his sister’s, he works, he drives and he plays sport.

Among the most beautiful and intense memories that the Scidurlos will share with the viewers of “Romanzo Familiare”, there are those of the Way of St. James, a pilgrimage of almost 1000 km, across the north of Spain. Pietro did it last summer in the saddle of a hand-bike, followed, on bicycles, by his dad, his mum and a friend. His sister, Chiara, followed them “at a distance”, as she dealt with the communications and social networks.

“I started out in search of a better me,” said Pietro, “because I didn’t like what I was anymore. And I found him.”

Pubblicato il 11 dicembre 2012
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