Being informed having fun: the Alcohol Prevention Yeah is coming back!

The event against alcohol misuse will take place on Friday 7 June in the squares of the town: information stands and the street acting company’s Carovana Balacaval show.

It always seems impossible to reach the young people and teenagers, above all if we talk about prevention and information. Yet the Alcohol Prevention Yeah shows that this is possible. The event, which has been taking place in the province for nine years, collects great results and it involves the young world explaining to them about the risks and the problems caused by the misuse of alcohol. 

On Wednesday 22 May, in the Salone Estense of Varese Municipality, the event organisers presented the 2013 edition: it will take place on Friday 7 June, along the streets of the city centre of Varese and there will be several informative and funny initiatives. Alcohol Prevention Yeah has been tested over the years and it is able to reach young people with a colourful and attractive language and basing on the collaboration between lots of people that during the whole year work in the field of prevention and youth policies. 

The day is organised by Informagiovani in Varese, with Cooperativa Lotta Contro l’Emarginazione (an Association against the marginalization), the trade associations Confesercenti and ASCOM, the training school for the hotel trade “De Filippi”, the Training Agency of the Province of Varese and many other partners (ONAV, Slow Food, AIBES) and sponsors (CONTRALCO, Barman at work) and also in this year there will be new novelties.

In fact, as the councillor of the Youth Politics Enrico Angelini explained: “This demonstration has some very important subjects, because talking about prevention, in many cases, means saving human lives. Additionally, this event is carried on in a way which is very careful to the young people needs.” The demonstration of Friday 7th June will be composed by different elements, everybody will respond to the slogan “Tonight I drive!”. “The goal is the one of promoting the prevention of the alcohol abuse and not its prohibition. This means to explain also the physical consequences and not only the ones of alcohol on body”, explains Roberta Bettoni from the Cooperativa Lotta Contro L’Emarginazione (Colce).

For this, as explained by Emanuele Battaggi from Colce, during the whole evening it will be possible to have an alcohol test both at the Mobile Force Discobus (in Piazza Montegrappa), and at the local Street Police (respectively at the at beginning of Corso Matteotti and Piazza Carducci). Just like in the past years, if the chosen driver, or better the one who in the group decides to drive or the single driver, after 12 pm appears to be under the legal alcohol limit, he will receive a coupon which he can use in one of the summer festivals of Varese province which have joined the net of the Festivals “Discobus”. 

Additionally, this year in Piazza Montegrappa there will be 3 stands with peer educators, that is young people that will give messages of prevention to other young people: a stand of the youth of the Namastè plan who manage “hangover glasses”, a stand of the young people of the Red Cross of Gallarate that will manage the wheel of sexually transmissible diseases (STD), a sort of wheel of fortune that allows one to get to know the risks that are run when preservatives are not used; and a stand of students from the Vocational school "l. Einaudi" that will handle the driving simulator.


Involving the city means involving, for a project on the prevention of alcohol abuse, also traders that every day are serving alcohol. As has already happened from several editions, in fact again this year will be held the contest for best appetizer at the 0.5 limit which has already seen the membership of 30 bars (registrations are now open until Friday 24 May). The bars are asked to prepare a cocktail of high quality, but which respects the alcohol limit allowed by law to drive.

On the website from the 27th May it will be possible to see the ingredients and the names of cocktails that will be made for the occasion. These will be assessed by a jury: composed of representatives of ASCOM, Confesercenti, Training Agency of the Province of Varese, training school for the hotel trade "De Filippi" and Slow Food. There will also be a young jury composed of chef and bar lounge students of the Training Agency of the Province of Varese, following a series of meetings at school with representatives of the Cooperativa Lotta Contro l’Emarginazione, will evaluate the winning 0.5 limit cocktail.

Beside these there will be the possibility to vote like electronic jury voting to the section “Surveys – what cocktail are you?” on the Varesenews website. In addition  you can also vote on Facebook on the page "Alcohol Prevention "Yeah" by clicking "Like" on the post on the wall of the cocktail and bar participants. The cocktail that will take more votes will win the Special Prize "I like". There will be awarded also "Slow Food" special prizes, curated by the Association "Slow Food" for the naturalness and location of products and "Stiletto heels" awarded by operators of the Cooperativa Lotta Contro l’Emarginazione.


There is no party if there is no show and like this, the organisers have planned for Friday evening, the presence of Caravana Balacaval, a group  of street performers that travel 5 months a year aboard 4 horse-drawn carriages and that offer performances of street theatre, music and dance. Among the major performances of the caravan, the "Occitan Caravan", dedicated to Occitan dance, music and theatre, "Balacaval Township", with theatrical performances and music for families and the "B-side", more nocturnal and partying, with performances of Balkan music and swing manouche. 

Further information:

Informagiovani 0332-255445, Young Policies Office 0332-255441,

COLCE:  3394759459,

Facebook: Alcohol Prevention Yeah, Discobus Varese, Varese Informagiovani

Pubblicato il 24 maggio 2013
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