Brugnoli: the new government? Good programmes, but hurry up.

The council of the manufacturing union of the Varese province have met. The president reported the voice of manufacturers concerning the Government "without progress, Italy is lost."

After almost two months and ten days from the general elections, a government has finally been formed." Giovanni Brugnoli, the president of the manufacturing union of the Varese province, has in this way begun, commenting on the political situation of the country during the work of the last council of the same manufacturing union. A comment that clearly indicates the climate of entrepreneurs in certifying the slowness with which politics are moving while problems of economy are continuing to push.

Less severe the judgment on programmatic contents of the new executive branch. " the Prime minister," has added the president Brugnoli " during his intervention to obtain the faith of the Parliament has touched more or less all the problems up for the discussion showing to have awareness of urgencies."

" President Letta has than made an important affirmation" has added, " when he said that without progress, Italy is lost."

It is an affirmation very shareable and suitable. All the more considering that often we listen to declarations from which it emerges the idea, exact in itself, of the work with property, but without considering simultaneously that this is not an independent variable because work can be the only consequence of a growing phase of the economic system."

So it is urgent to launch measures that can favour  a retake of economy and consumption. We must come back to an expensive phase, keeping the necessary strictness  in public accounts. Some indications about this are present in the programme of the new Government, like the cut in the tax wedge to reduce working costs and give back spending power to workers; the return to a normative regime less restrictive for the stipulation of temporary employment contracts; the impulse to development appealing to innovation, energy, credit to PMI, administrative simplification.

" There are other shareable indications," noticed again Brugnoli, " from the reaffirmed fidelity to Europe, not separated from the discussion of strictness policies used until now from the European Chancery Court and from standards of assignments of funds to Countries for public investments, to contrast, to scholastic dispersion, to the valorisation of the historical- artistic assets and landscape to promote the tourist economy."

In conclusion, all shareable and waited is the promise of immediate reduce of political costs.

" Less shareable " has in contrast observed the president of manufacturers of Varese " are other aspects linked  to the newly formed government. The former is the plethora of fields, twenty one , that remembers the old handbook Cencelli. The latter is the entrustment of the study of institutional reforms to this new agreement that seems like many Bicameral Commissions that, for thirty years, have never brought to anything. " I hope to be wrong" concluded Brugnoli, " and so reforms this time are really made, but I think that the sentiment of Italian people preferred a more direct and quick way: there were developed texts wanted by Napolitano, we could use those texts and approve them quickly. This could have been a great signal."


Pubblicato il 10 maggio 2013
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