The mayor gathers the protests against the stopping of the site.

Bianchi:" We've always believed in the possibility of mediation and findind a solution but now we're close to the end." On Saturday, 25 May at 10am there will be a garrison near the route of the railway.

Against the stop of the site the municipality of Induno Olona is now asking the population to protest: Saturday morning at 10am near the former level crossing on Porro Road. " A protest," explains Maria Angela Bianchi the mayor of Induno Olona " that is because we knew only through the press that the 31 May will be the last day of the company on the site. An information with enormous  repercussions for our territory of whom nobody felt bound to give information: neither RFI ( Rete Ferroviaria Italiana- Italy’s Railway Network) nor the region.

"At this point we want our protest to be heard from the people of Induno with a clear sign of attention."

When works were stopped the first time, explains Bianchi, things had gone in a different way: "The other time we did a table of comparison where everybody was kept informed about problems and about the possible solutions, now we’re reading in newspapers that in a week, work will not be there anymore. We’ve always believed in the possibility of mediation and finding a solution but now we’re close to the end. We’re asking respect for our massacred territory."

Together with the mayor and the councillor Eugenio Persenico that from the beginning followed the site’s works and tried to mediate the requirements of Induno Olona: "Ours is not a protest against something but it’s in favour of the resumption of works," explains Persenico. Now it is a massacred situation and we cannot allow it to continue for years. We had based some indications of development of Induno Olona on the railway: the State, railways and the Region were involved, I thought to be calm in front of this intelligentsia so we focused a lot on the railway, developing relations with Regio Insubria, with Lugano, also our PGT counts on this work to continue with the development of the territory. If we stop now, the paralysis will be completed. Citizens feel abandoned. We want them to participate so that they can have a moment to demonstrate their disappointment. We have been kind, patient and collaborative and what we obtained is only a little bridge… we feel humiliated."

Pubblicato il 24 maggio 2013
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