The Italy Pavilion and the Tree of Life are returning on 1 May

Lombardy Region announce a competition to rename the post-Expo 2015 area. Numerous events are scheduled for this summer.

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“Today, it’s official: on the home page of the Lombardy Region website, and on the profiles of the social networks, we’ve given space to a competition of ideas, which we’ve decided to announce, to find a new name for the area that was the venue of Expo 2015. The competition is open from 12 to 25 April. The winner will be awarded on 1 May, the date on which the site officially reopens, with a concert by the La Scala Academy, and the turning on again of the Tree of Life.” This is what the Lombardy Regional Councillor for Post Expo and the Metropolitan City, Francesca Brianza, said during the press conference organised in the offices of Lombardy Region.

“We wanted a competition of ideas,” Councillor Brianza explained, “because Expo was an important event for Milan, Lombardy and Italy. But now, we’re giving the go-ahead for a new phase. On 1 May, the area will come alive again. We’ve set ourselves ambitious goals: research, innovation, university, initiatives in the world of businesses, associations and institutions. This area will have an international scope, and will relaunch the role of Milan and of Lombardy. We want it to have its own name; we can’t continue to think of this area as a ‘post-event” venue, it has to find its own identity.” On the area of 105 hectares, a campus of Milan University, the Human Technopole, is planned, but there is room for other projects. Brianza explained, “The plan must be long-term, and have an international scope.”

A partial reopening of the area is scheduled for 1 May: the Cardo area, where it will be possible to visit the most important creations, such as the Italy Pavilion, the Tree of Life and the Open-air Theatre. On this occasion, a concert by the La Scala Academy has been arranged, and the Tree of Life will be turned on again.

“Exactly one year after the inauguration of Expo, we’re going to take part in the reopening concert; then, we’ll have other events, including a concert by Andrea Bocelli, on 25 May, and, every weekend during the summer, we’ll have activities for sportspeople and families, with a varied programme for the people of Milan and not only. We want this area to become an attraction again.”

“Lombardy Region has invested a lot on this phase,” Councillor Brianza explained. “We’ve allocated €50 million for the reopening in 2016. Considering the commitment and the resources made available, we think it only right that this area should get a new name, for a new identity and a new vocation.”

Participation in the competition is open to all adults. The winner will receive four tickets for the 1 May Concert. However, the real prize will the pride of having your idea acknowledged, and the prestige of being able to name such an important area, which will be recognised throughout the world.

Pubblicato il 18 aprile 2016
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