Sleeping at the airport? In Malpensa arrive the Zzzleepandgo mini rooms

The start-up from Varese conceived cabins to rest have finally arrived at Malpensa. Here’s how it works.

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Say goodbye to the benches, and to the blankets spread on the ground or on the bar chairs. From today, resting at Malpensa there is a much easier and more convenient way:Zzzleepandgo. The 3 square metre cabins with sockets for the telephone, a tablet, wi-fi and above all a bed where you can rest in total privacy have finally arrived in the airport of Varese.

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The idea was conceived during 2015 by Alberto Porzio, Matteo Anthony Destantini and Nicolas Montonati, and was developed inside smart up, the start-up incubator in the Liuc University. “In Bergamo, in the Orio al Serio airport we installed in June 2015 the first cabins,” explained Alberto Porzio, “and during the last year we hosted 3,000 clients.” And so, after that success, the rooms are also coming to Malpensa.

In the Departures area of ​​Terminal 1 by the door 12 have been installed four new rooms, an updated model of the room compared to the ones in Orio al Serio. “We have installed a roof that can be opened automatically, increased the entertainment offer, as well as adding a scanner for documents,” and in these first days of opening, “we have already had many clients who have rested in them.” They are fully automated and the basic features are the same as those explained in this video

The cabin can be booked online, thus ensuring that you have a guaranteed place when you arrive at the airport. Or you can check-in directly in front of the cabin, thanks to a fully automatic system. Prices for the Malpensa cabins start at 34 euros a night, but there are also provided hourly rates from 9 euro. Information is available on the Zzzleepandgo website, here.

Pubblicato il 20 gennaio 2017
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Le stanze di Zzzleepandgo 4 di 4


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