“Homemade Google Maps”, revolutionising the town

Information, shops, announcements, opening times: in Olgiate Olona, this will all be available on the new website “Map in Common”, a unique experiment in Italy, that will revolutionise communication in the town. And the people will not have to pay anything.

 Who has never looked for an address, a locality or a venue on Google Maps? This is the question that led to the project, “Mappa in Comune” (Map in Common), a website that will be a little, big revolution for Olgiate Olona. “We wanted to create a community support service that was constantly updated and that gave prominence to what there was in our area,” Councillor  Enrico Vettori explained.

This led to the idea (one of the first in Italy) to create a sort of “homemade Google Maps” website, with a map that contained everything that a person might need, “starting with the geographical position of the various points of interests”. On surfing the menu, you can find shops, offices and schools, but this is just the starting point. “This website will also receive information on closed roads, roads that are going to be resurfaced, and all the announcements that could be of interest to the people,” the councillor continued, claiming that this “will also be a useful tool for businesses and shops to advertise themselves.”

The map will show a number of dots, depending on what you are looking for, from hairdressers to butchers, and it will be possible to find information on each business. And the strength of the project is the interaction with local producers, not to mention the guarantee of economic support. “This application doesn’t cost anything to the people of Olgiate Olona,” said Vettori, “and it will be paid for with advertising banners of the firms that decide to promote themselves on this website.” Incidentally, the platform, which has been developed by Art Mediastudio and ITC Varese, is based on the OpenStreetMap (OSM), a collaborative project that creates maps with free contents, which, for this reason, are available free of charge.


Visit the website “Map in Common”, following this link

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Pubblicato il 20 febbraio 2014
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