A week to “learn” safety

This is the initiative promoted by the Gerolamo Cardano Comprehensive Institute: it involves hundreds of children and young people and, thanks to the collaboration with bodies and institutions, it concerns many different areas related to this topic.

Generico 2018

The “Safety Week”, an initiative of the Gerolamo Cardano Comprehensive Institute, has returned to Gallarate. It is an entire week dedicated to safety issues in the various areas in which children and young people can find themselves.

From the use of public transport to the prevention of bullying, from food safety to the issue of economic legality, there are many variations of the term “safety” that will be proposed, also taking into account the fact that the age groups involved are more than one, in the three educational cycles: from small children in nursery school to primary school children, to those in upper secondary schools.

It started last Monday, November 19, at 8.30 p.m. at the primary school A. Manzoni, with the introductory meeting, which is dedicated to the theme “rights and duties”. There will be the Mayor and other assessors, managers of the Territorial School Office of Varese, of the ATS Insubria, of the State Police, a criminologist, as well as teachers of the school, obviously.

The meetings for children and young people will continue until Friday. Among the various bodies involved in the proposals of the “Safety Week” there is going to be the Municipality of Gallarate, Ust Varese, Ats Insubria, Municipal Police of Gallarate, Railway Police of Gallarate, State Police of Varese, Carabinieri (Italian Police Forces) of Gallarate, Financial Police of Gallarate, Civil Protection of Gallarate and Ferno, Dell’Acqua Association of Busto Arsizio, Dopolavoro Ferroviario Association of Gallarate, Red Cross volunteers, Order of Pharmacists of the province of Varese, the PTA (Parents Teachers Association) Agamica.

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