Discovering the “lands of water” between canals and rice fields

Cycling routes, concerts, exhibitions, meetings: a rich programme to rediscover the culture and history of the Piedmontese territories characterised by rice fields and canals

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Terre d’acqua tra riso e canali” (Lands of Water between Rice and Canals) is the initiative scheduled for 10th–12th May to rediscover the whole Piedmontese culture and history of the historic Terre d’Acqua between Biella, Novara, Vercelli and the Monferrato Casalese.

A part of Piedmont for connoisseurs, characterised by the unique landscape of rice fields and canals, that “checkered sea” populated by herons and knights of Italy, and littered with important testimonies of art and culture that speak of a centuries-old and harmonious interaction between man and nature.

Many proposals are planned in the territories involved, with guided visits to impressive hydraulic works, otherwise not accessible to the public, artistic and circus arts workshops, photographic and pictorial exhibitions, cycling itineraries, concerts and gastronomic events dedicated to cereals, which will have as exquisite protagonist the Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese rice, the only Italian DOP rice.

A world of earth and water to be discovered thanks to the project organised by the West Sesia Irrigation Association, in coordination with the Piedmont Region and Visitpiemonte – DMO, and in collaboration with the ATL Alexala, the ATL of Biella, the ATL of the Province of Novara and the ATL Valsesia Vercelli, the Consortium for the reclamation of the Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese and the East Sesia Irrigation Association.

Discover the complete programme of Terre d’Acqua tra Riso e Canali 2019

Pubblicato il 30 Aprile 2019
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