The “People House” opens up, providing a space for anyone in difficulty

The house was inaugurated on the evening of Friday, 10 May; the space will be managed by volunteers, and will seek to provide help for anyone in need

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There was a great attendance for the inauguration of the “People House”. On the evening of Friday, 10 May, Mayor Riccardo Del Torchio cut the ribbon to open the new space dedicated to any citizens in difficulty. This “friendly” space, which will be run by volunteers, will seek to become a reference point for anyone in need of concrete help.

“I’d like to thank all of the people who worked to help us achieve this objective,” the Mayor explained. “During the election campaign, we promised we would create a space in which to help the citizens, and this is the result. The project grew out of the sharing and participation of so many people, who made their time, expertise and professionalism available to achieve it. This house will not replace the work of the administration, but will complement it. We’re sure this project will have a future, unlike those who say it will serve no purpose. I hope the people of Besozzo will use it positively.”

The space in Via Mazzini 24 will be operational from Monday 13 May, and will be run by many volunteers from local associations, who are ready to provide information to anyone that needs help in a variety of areas. “It is a place where we can stop what is an inconvenience today from becoming a problem tomorrow,” Del Torchio said. Thus, the association ANFFAS will be giving information and support to families with people with disabilities. There will also be a chance to ask for help with paperwork linked to work, or the association ‘Moroccan community for integration and solidarity’, who are going to set up an info-point. The Divers’Età Centre will make available their expertise in the socio-welfare and information fields and guidance on gambling addiction. Women who are the victims of violence will be able to ask the association “Donna Sicura” for advice, and separated parents will be able to refer to the association “Il Cortile”.

Riccardo Del Torchio was joined by councillors, representatives of the associations, the volunteers and the Pro Loco, who agreed to conclude the evening with a rich buffet.

Photo from the Facebook page of the Besozzo Pro Loco.

Pubblicato il 14 maggio 2019
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