Two hearts and… eighty shacks

This is a new website dedicated to this particular Swiss accommodation offer: a truly alternative solution for those who want to explore the paths of Ticino or spend a night away from everything and everyone

Le capanne alpine del Canton Ticino

They are the ideal base for those who want to explore the paths of the Canton of Ticino but also a really alternative solution to spend a night away from everything and everyone, maybe under a starry sky. The shacks, which offer accommodation services, are just under a hundred in this corner of Switzerland and are different in their characteristics and types of services offered.

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Recently, it is possible to learn more about this offer of accommodation by exploring the new database, a site that brings together more than 80 shacks of Ticino and Moesa. The website shows all the main structures of the region: you can find the locations thanks to the general map of Ticino, you can check the access routes to the structures with schedules, difficulties and differences in level, you can see different features, you can examine photos and webcams, you can also make an online reservation by checking immediately the availability of beds.

“Thanks to the good relationship built online, which has lasted for some time now, between TicinoSentieri and we decided to sponsor, thanks to donations from our supporters, the restyling of the site (you can read about it in the presentation of the project by We would like to take this opportunity to thank the partners who made this project possible: Massimo Gabuzzi, creator and owner of the site, responsible for know-how and for the organization of Federazione Alpinistica Ticinese and Club Alpino Svizzero (Sezione Ticino), representatives of most of the huts and shelters and Ticino Tourismo, responsible for the promotion of these tourist facilities.

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Galleria fotografica

Le capanne alpine del Canton Ticino 4 di 19


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