“Hello, my name’s Adelisa. Order on Amazon and collect from Tigros”

Amazon Hub Locker and SisalPay’s Bill are Tigros’s new services. For a few days now, there have been some large yellow lockers and a poster publicising a new payment system at the entrance of Tigros supermarkets.

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“Hello, my name’s Adelisa. Order on Amazon and collect here.”

For a few days now, the locker service of the e-commerce giant has been available in some Tigros supermarkets. In many towns, there are already dozens of lockers located in post offices, in some commercial businesses and in local shops, but the locker service at the entrance of Tigros supermarkets certainly does not go unnoticed.

There are those who believe that new digital platforms are the devil, and those who think about services for the community. Tigros has chosen the second position, and we talked about this with Chiara Gironi, the head of corporate communication.

“Our collaboration with Amazon might seem a contradiction, but it isn’t. Our company is client-oriented, and we want to offer a service that makes things easier for them, while grasping the opportunity that digital technology can bring to physical shops, and vice versa, with a new perspective of reciprocity and synergy.

The fact remains that everyone can keep his own specificity, which for Tigros is its constant commitment and attention to the quality of its products, especially in the fresh food departments, together with convenience.”


The locker service (as it says on the dedicated page on the Amazon website) is a self-service collection point, where you can pick up your Amazon purchases. You can find the locker services in supermarkets, shopping centres, service stations, and in other sales outlets. During the purchasing process, you can choose the locker services as the delivery address, check the opening and closing times, and select either “Standard” or “1 day” delivery.

When your order has been delivered to the selected locker section, you will receive an email, with instructions and a collection code. When you get to the locker, follow the instructions on the screen and enter your code.


Anyone who goes regularly to the supermarket will have noticed the increased attention paid to innovations. A few days ago, Tigros, the supermarket chain with the largest number of sales outlets in Varese Province, which has also been expanding, to Piedmont and to the provinces of Como, Pavia and Milan for some while now, introduced another service in its supermarkets.

It has been possible to pay using Satispay for a year and a half, and now Bill, the app developed and owned by Sisal, has been added.

“The apps which allow you to pay and manage your money using your smartphone are growing, as they make payments easy, quick and safe,” Chiara Gironi explained. “We decided to introduce them, with a view always to improving and innovating the service we provide to our customers, whose needs are continually evolving.”

The promotion linked to the use of Bill was suggested by Sisal, and is specific to our stores, to encourage use of the app, by providing a practical advantage.


“With SisalPay’s app, Bill, you can make digital payments at all of the enabled stores, or simply decide to receive money or send it to your friends” as the official site reads. “When you’ve downloaded the app onto your phone, you have to set the minimum threshold you want for your shopping and the standard top-up you want to receive. Whenever your credit on the app goes below the threshold that you previously set, an automatic top-up request is sent, and the amount of money you chose will be credited to your wallet within 4 working days.”

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