BlogTrotter created. Diaries of Varese folk around the world

Five young people from Varese have started a new blog for VareseNews, to tell you about Tokyo, London, Malaga, Nuremberg and Barcelona, every day.

“I give up! I’m leaving.” How many times in our lives have we said this? And yet, few have actually done it, because it takes courage, as well as an open mind, to leave our Varese and go to live abroad. But some have done it. Like the contributors to BlogTrotter, VareseNews’ new blog, produced by five people from Varese, who live abroad.

They are all very young, and, every day, they tell us about foreign lands in which they live, in a private diary that everyone can read and comment on. There is Martina Ballerio, who is studying Nanotechnology, at a German university, in Nuremberg. There is Marco Bogni, a “geek” from Luino, now living in Tokyo, a city that surprises him every day. There is Alessandro Franzi, a journalist in London. Then, Jacopo Zocchi, who was born in 1986, who speaks about the curious people he meets in Malaga. And last, but not least, there is Mauro Barbazza, who, since moving to Bilbao to write his thesis about the Basque separatist movement, ETA, has been “snared”, by the heart, in Barcelona.

From today, Alessandro, Jacopo, Marco, Martina and Mauro will be our Varese representatives abroad, truly special correspondents, who we advise you to read and comment on, every day.

Pubblicato il 26 novembre 2009
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