Great party in disco for Yamamay

More than one thousand people filled the Shed club to celebrate the team of butterflies, which won the triumphal competition 5 at PalaYamamay and it brought the tricolour to town.

More than one thousand fans  laid siege to the Shed  Club in Busto Arsizio to celebrate the tricolour brought to town by Yamamay Busto last Sunday.  The women’s champions and all the technical staff captained by the  expert Carlo Parisi took part in the party in the disco, road XX September among the fans choruses who have followed the epic of butterflies team for years now. Havelkova, Havlickova, Marcon, Pisani, Bauer, Leonardi and other team-mates signed hundreds of balls, t-shirts, posters and posed for ritual photos with fans; right after they have been called on the stage by Mr. Roberto Bof and by the PalaYamamay’s speaker who have presented them one-one, and the chorus of people who filled the room attended them. A giant cake and the traditional champagne uncorked all together finished the deserved party night  for this team, which has been able to revive sport passions that in Busto and in Italy were missing for some time. It is sufficient to remember that the  live television program  of the competition 5 on  Rai Sport  has been followed by half a million people, the memorable record for this TV channel

Pubblicato il 20 aprile 2012
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