Partisan “Cin” explains history to children

He presented 95 children with the “25 April Award”, and described his adventure to them. “Your best weapon against evil must be books.”

Luigi Grossi, Partisan “Cin”, presented primary school children with the “25 April Award”. Varese town council has celebrated the anniversary since 1946. “In fact, in 1945 the council didn’t have the money to pay its employees, so the National Liberation Committee established some awards. The following year, this award was established to acknowledge that gesture,” explained town councillor, Angelo Zappoli. This morning, Sunday 22 April, during the event, 95 awards were presented to deserving primary school pupils and classes, from the third to the fifth years.

In a crowded room, Partisan “Cin” said, “I’m 86 years old. This award is important for children, because it is the beginning of a commitment that will last their whole lives. The Liberation was awarded to our young Italy, a country that must acknowledge its merits and its protagonists. We partisans were a group of young people who did our duty because we loved our country. Peace is the most important value. It was important then, and it’s still important today. 25 April was the rebirth of our country, when we stood up to evil. Even today, children, you can do the same. Your weapon must be the book. Remember a grandfather like me, and remember that you’re Italians, that you must honour our country.”

It was a great story, which was applauded by the audience. Then 95 children came onto the stage to receive the awards. Mayor Attilio Fontana and the Varese President of the Italian Association of Italian Partisans, Alessandra Pessina, also took part in the morning’s celebration.

Pubblicato il 24 aprile 2012
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