The fairy tale of Leicester City (and of Andrea Azzalin) continues

Andrea Azzalin, the 30-year-old athletics trainer from Varese, is personally living the dream of Leicester City, at the top of the Premier League.

andrea azzalin leicester calcio premier league

Everyone loves sporting fairy tales. In the United Kingdom England, there is one which has been going on since September; it is blue in colour, and comes from the UK’s most multi-ethnic city.

Leicester City is at the top of the Premier League, the richest championship in the world, ahead of teams that invest hundreds of millions of pounds in transfers every year, with a team created to win with a lot of zero parameters, a lot of players considered second-class, a striker who, until a few seasons ago, was a factory worker (Vardy, who is now scoring in the national team and is going to be the subject of a Hollywood film based on his life), and, above all, a coach and an athletics trainer who are 100% Italian.

The former is Claudio Ranieri, an expert coach who can boast a glorious past in many teams throughout Europe; the latter is Andrea Azzalin, a young man from Varese who followed Ranieri from the Principality of Monaco, and who is now building up his dream, by developing the muscle in the team that is exciting the whole world. He is the first to hug the coach after every triple final whistle.

With six matches left before the end of the championship, Leicester City is in the lead, 7 points ahead of Tottenham, and many more ahead of Arsenal and Manchester City. The latest victory fully reflects this season; it was a 1-0 victory over Southampton, thanks to the first goal of the championship scored by the captain Morgan, a 32-year-old Jamaican giant, who quietly moved up from the British minor league, a few years ago. Morgan has invested in tattoo studios (he has franchised 4), and now, like his teammates, is living a dream that we are (nearly) all cheering for.

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