The exhibition at MAGA opens, with more than 1200 visitors

Great masterpieces. Old and young artists, from one of the most important private Italian collections. The doors have opened for the exhibition “What does my soul do while I’m working?”

After a very brief opening speech, the exhibition of the Consolandi Collection in Gallarate’s Museum of Art, MAGA, opened to the public. No mention was made of the diplomatic incident the previous evening, only words of satisfaction with the work done, and that one of the most important private collections in Italy has been brought to the city.

More than 1200 people attended the “opening night”, and there was a strong feeling of occasion. The tour of the over 200 works is a true journey into the history of contemporary art, from great masters, such as Manzoni, Fontana and Warhol, to the most recent artistic discoveries. What is surprising is that the works on display account only for one tenth of the paintings, sculptures, videos and photographs that Paolo Consolandi had in his home. He loved the arts, and he was always ready to set off for an art exhibition, gallery or festival, somewhere in the world.

“What does my soul do while I’m working?”

Contemporary works of art, from the Consolandi Collection

Curators: Francesca Pasini and Angela Vettese

14 November 2010 – 13 February 2011

MAGA – Museum of Art, Gallarate

Via De Magni, 1

21013 Gallarate VA

Tel: +44 – 0331 – 706011


9.30 a.m. – 7.30 p.m., from Tuesday to Sunday

Closed on Monday


Full price: € 8.00

Reduction: € 5.00

Free entry to children aged 0-14 years, to adults aged 65+, and to AMACI and ICOM members

Reductions for people aged 15 – 26 years, and for organisations that have an arrangement

Educational activities dedicated to the exhibition and to the collection

Bookings and groups: +44 – 02 – 542757

Information:, +44 – 0331 – 706014

Pubblicato il 18 novembre 2010
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