The school becomes a company, and earns €25,000

Three hundred children from the Candiani High School have made 280 decorative panels for the Momo Hotel. This was an important job which the school will be sharing with an institute in Aquila.

Students, artists or entrepreneurs? The children from the Candiani Art High School perform a variety of roles; in the latest, they were involved in a job commissioned by a private individual, who recognised the value, so much so that he has paid them €25,000.

This might not sound like a good thing, unless we reflect on the path that an increasing number of schools are taking, at a time of widespread difficulty in the country. “When the situation in which we live is like the present,” said the headmaster, Andrea Monteduro, “you either cry about it, or role your sleeves up and get working. The schools in this area can offer a great number of quality services and products. Without seeking to take anything away from the professionals, I invite everyone to reflect on the great potential that high schools can offer. I’m not talking about favours, but about the exchange of services.”

Education, training, but also developing a sense of responsibility and self-esteem. There is a bit of everything in the Candiani High School’s approach to external activities. “We work with a lot of public and private organisations. We don’t have a price list, but we ask for contributions that will go to extend the training courses we offer. As a result, we can help to improve the school and what it has to offer.”

The latest “job”, in chronological terms, is the one that will be officially presented on Saturday 29 January, at the Hotel Momo in Busto Arsizio; the 280 rooms will have panels decorated by 300 students from the graphics and decoration course. Headmaster Monteduro said, “When the hotel was under construction, we were contacted by the owner, who wanted to make an artistic mark. For us, it was a great opportunity, and the students, accompanied by a dozen teachers, produced works with complete freedom, taking into consideration only the context into which they would be placed, namely hotel rooms, for clients who were a long way from home. They worked during school hours, and in their free time, with enthusiasm, because they knew they were doing something important for their school.”

On Saturday morning, about fifty students are taking part in the inauguration ceremony, which local authority representatives and economic associations, such as UNIVA, are also expected to attend. On this occasion, Headmaster Monteduro and the hotel’s owner will give a cheque for €5000 to an art institute in Aquila. “The concepts of solidarity and altruism are always present in our everyday teaching work. And so, we thought it was an excellent idea to give a part of our earnings to those who are still in difficulty. The headmaster and the administrative director of the Fulvio Ulzi Institute in Aquila will be coming to the Momo Hotel at midday.”

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Pubblicato il 29 Gennaio 2011
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