Come and celebrate our 15th birthday with us, and win a weekend away

November 15 is an important date; not only because it is when Glocalnews, the festival of digital journalism, starts, but also because it is when we are opening our doors to our readers. Take part in our competition, send in your photos, videos, stories and recipes, anything that has the number “15” as its theme; the winners will receive their prizes in Ville Ponti.

On November 15, we are celebrating the 15 years that Varesenews has existed. If you also feel “15” – albeit only in “spirit” – you are invited to take part in a competition, the theme of which is 15. What does the number 15 mean to you? Your 15 years of life? The 15 days of holiday you are longing for? The 15 members of a rugby team? The atomic number of phosphorus? The 15 balls on a pool table? The 15 minutes it took us to find the last three ideas on Wikipedia? There are no limits; be creative. The theme is 15, and you can talk about it in any way you wish. Send us photos, videos and stories (no more than 1000 characters, including spaces, please). Send us recipes too, playing with shapes and ingredients (15?).

You have until Saturday, October 10, at 1.00 pm, to send all your ideas to 

The winning ideas (in the photo, video, story and recipe sections) will be selected by our editorial office, and each will receive a prize of a wonderful, relaxing weekend  for two.

The prizes will be awarded at special, festive moment. During Glocalnews, the 3-day festival dedicated to digital journalism, but not only, which takes place in Varese, November 15 – 17: come and join us when we blow out the candles in the splendid surroundings of Villa Ponti, at an event called “Viva Tutti! Noi” (“Hurrah for everybody!”), in the company of the philosopher and writer Franco Bolelli, the whole staff of Varesenews, and Hagam Essere in Comunicazione, who are celebrating their 10th birthday!

Redazione VareseNews

Noi della redazione di VareseNews crediamo che una buona informazione contribuisca a migliorare la vita di tutti. Ogni giorno lavoriamo cercando di stimolare curiosità e spirito critico.

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Pubblicato il 06 Novembre 2012
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