100 days to the Expo: are you ready to meet… the world?

It is online the website dedicated to the project 141Expo, where in addition to a space dedicated to the issues and events related to the World fair, there are 139 websites, one for each municipality in our province

We’re almost there. From today starts the countdown: 100 days to Expo2015, the big event that for six months will bring, literally, the world to just a few kilometres from our homes.

An event that in many ways is already having repercussions all over our province: resources are moved, projects are born, collaborative relationships and formed such as those that will bring some delegations (Germany, in particular) to create bases in our territory for staff that for several months will work in the pavilions of Expo.

For us in VareseNews, the appointment with the World fair, has already started a few months ago. Last summer we presented to the municipalities of our province the project "141Expo", a proposal to live as protagonists this event that is definitely unique.

The idea that we came up with is to "twin" each of the municipalities in our province with one of the states that takes part in the World fair. A partnership that can take place in many ways: meetings, cultural exchanges and events, experiences with schools, themed meetings, open relationships with companies of the economic state "twin" etc.

A proposal that was received with great enthusiasm by local governments, with a membership level that surprised us too. Today there are about 100 of 139 municipalities that have resolved to adopt the project and that in many cases have already taken steps to establish relations with the state in which they were matched and to organise events, meetings and initiatives in the six months of the expo.

VareseNews, in addition to coordinating the project, has created and made available to the municipalities the website 141Expo which begins today to publish and that will accompany us until the end of Expo2015.

In addition to a space dedicated to the issues and events related to Expo, there are 139 websites, one for each municipality of the province, where not only local government, but also associations, schools and all citizens will be able to publish news and information on initiatives planned as part of the twinning, but not only. 139 "containers" that will fill up with news and images from the homepage and where you can also see the latest news entered in the websites of the individual countries.

The website, in addition to being a space of communication and visibility for the project, wants to be a real showcase of our beautiful province. A showcase for all those visitors to Expo (and a little to ourselves, who often do not really know our territory) to show the world the many extraordinary landscape resources, tourist, cultural and human resources of our land. Tell us about your country, its food traditions, the most interesting projects related to the theme of Expo "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". But we also ask you to tell us, in words and images, about your country, the beauty of our country and even your trips in the more than 140 countries participating in the Exhibition.

141Expo, will be together a showcase and a place to meet and know each other, because it is precisely the encounter and openness to different cultures and worlds that can arise from our opportunities, new knowledge and new ideas.

It is this exchange, after all, the most beautiful sense of the big event, which will start on 1 May 2015, and in this spirit we at VareseNews, together with you, want to meet the world.

141Expo – The website

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Pubblicato il 23 gennaio 2015
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