The first library, where books also “live” on Sundays

There was a great party for the inauguration of the new library, which will open from Monday to Sunday; this is the first in the province. The Mayor: “The authorities are not stopping investments in this sector.”

It was a sunny day of celebration today for Carnago. Sunday 18 January saw the inauguration of the new library, in the building, in Via Libertà, near the church, where the previous library was housed. But after about three years of work, the Lombard-style building that has been returned to the people is more beautiful, newer and bigger. Two entire floors, covering a total of 530 m2, contain over 10,000 books. BICA is the name of the new “home of the people of Carnago”, starting with the youngest member, two-year-old Giulio (seen in his mother’s arms, as they cut the ribbon with the Mayor).


 And it is not only the name of the new library that is unusual; indeed, this is the first library in Varese Province (among only a few in Italy) and in the Panizzi library system to remain open seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday.

In the presence of many people of Carnago, and the local council led by the Mayor, Maurizio Andreoli Anreoni, who was joined by the Councillor for Culture, the doors of the new library were opened by a young Alvaro Guidolin. However, many mayors and councillors from nearby municipalities were present, along with the Prefect Giorgio Zanzi, the President of the Province Gunnar Vincenzi, the Regional Councillor Alessandro Alfieri (Roberto Maroni and Raffaele Cattaneo were absent due to other official commitments), and the Regional Education Director Claudio Merletti.

“We are here today after so much commitment, effort and some problems,” the Mayor said. “The time has finally come for us to deliver the BICA to the people, the schools, the associations, the children, and to everybody. Culture is and must be a tool for getting to know and understand each other.” The new library also has a low environmental impact and has been completed with regional funding, particularly for the high-efficiency heat pumps and the low consumption LED lighting.

“Culture is an investment”, the Mayor continued, making a plea to the authorities. “The Region and the Province must not stop investing in a strategic sector like libraries.”

The Panizzi library system, which Carnago is part of, was crucial to the success of the project. “Creating a network is essential,” explained Councillor Guidolin. “Today, the individual municipalities are no longer able alone to guarantee a service like this. In our province, there are five systems; this is too many, so we must work to unite and merge.”

The BICA, which is the result of enlarging and redeveloping the previous library, is situated in Via Libertà: 530 m2 on two floors, with modern, functional rooms, created by renovating an old building, which already existed in the eighteenth century, which was built around a courtyard. The work has been able to equip the library with radio frequency devices for immediate inventory checks on books, which allow users to manage the loan service by themselves. The spaces inside the building have also upgraded, new furniture has been brought in, including the new reception desk, and new, low energy consumption lighting systems have been installed. There is also Wi-Fi, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles available to users; there is a room dedicated to watching films or listening to CDs, six full HD televisions, two video projectors, three tablets and three notebooks available for loan in the library. 

Pubblicato il 20 gennaio 2015
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