BAFF: the red carpet and the mystery surrounding the missing film

The 14th year of the Busto Arsizio Film Festival ended, with numerous VIPs, including Fabio De Luigi, Paolo Calabresi and Giulia Bevilacqua. There was a mystery surrounding the film On Air, which talks about the success of Zoo di 105.

baff 2016

The 14th year of the Busto Arsizio Film Festival ended with the classic red carpet and awards, at the Teatro Sociale. Also this year, the festival, which was organised by Steve Della Casa, stood out thanks to the quality of the films. As always, hundreds of students were able to watch great films and talk to the makers; the side events were also top quality, and finally, there were the incredible BAFFOff nights involving many pubs and clubs in Busto and Legnano, where musical and other tributes took place.

The only mystery of the festival week surrounded the film On Air, which was not shown; the film is based on the book by David Simon Mazzoli (and was directed by him), and tells the story of Marco Mazzoli, the Radio 105 DJ who created one of the most successful programmes in the history of Italian radio, namely Lo Zoo di 105. The film was not shown apparently because of the fear that some of the people involved in its making might show up at the cinema and protest against the alleged failure on the part of the producers to make all payments. Neither the director nor the BAFF wanted to confirm this rumour; they said that the mistake was due to a failure on the part of the two parties to come to an agreement over the size of the cinema that should host the audience.


Sonia Bergamasco (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, CAME S.p.A., Best Actress), Vinicio Marchioni (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, Publitalia ’80, Best Actor), Giulia Belilacqua (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, PromoService Italia, Best Supporting Actress), Paolo Calabrese (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, Il Giornale, Best Supporting Actor), Fabio De Luigi (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, Intermarket Diamond Business Group, First Work), Ninni Bruschetta (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, “M. Antonioni” Film Institute, Special Award), Paolo Tenna and Paolo Damilano, for Film Commission Torino Piemonte (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, BAFC, Technical Award), Gigio Alberti (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, Special Award).

Youth – La Giovinezza, by Paolo Sorrentino, won the Made in Italy, BAFF 2016 School Award, Best Film Chosen by Students.

The party continued, in Piazza San Giovanni, at 8.30 p.m., with a risotto meal.

During the week, many other artistes visited the festival, including the following winners of BAFF 2016 Awards: Laura Morante (Platinum Award, Dino Ceccuzzi, for Film Excellence), Paolo Costella and Paola Mammimi (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, City of Busto Arsizio, Best Film and Director, for Perfetti Sconosciuti, by Paolo Genovese), Max Croci (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, La Prealpina, Special Award), Giuseppe Gaudino and Isabella Sandri (Made in Italy, BAFF 2016, Carlo Lizzani, Best Screenwriter, for the film Per Amor Vostro), Piera Detassis (Heroes of the Press), Hollywood Party (Lello Bersani Award), Boosta (BAFFOff Award 2016, Best Soundtrack, for 1992).

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