Ten ways to revolutionise a business. And some advice on how to make mistakes without hurting yourself

This is the topic of a talk by Ugo Mendes Donelli, on Friday, 16 December, at 4 p.m., at the Faberlab in Tradate. With the premise, "Success means solving problems that difficult to solve."

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Innovation isn’t a lie, because something new must be done.” The title that Ugo Mendes Donelli, the founder of the Hugowiz and creator of innovative business models, has given to the workshop being held on Friday, 16 December, at 4 p.m. at the Faberlab in Tradate (to take part: http://www.asarva.org/2016/12/perche-bisogna-innovare-mendes-faberlab/) is a program for the present. In short, “In order to innovate, a small/medium-sized business should make mistakes well, trying to do something out of the ordinary, without the belief that an idea might change the world, and understanding that not everything will go well. Above all, the business should remember that there is no recipe for getting out of trouble.”

So what should they do? There are many questions, but the advice of Ugo Mendes helps entrepreneurs to look forward with the eyes of someone used to doing something concrete, always and every day; above all, someone used to wondering how to change, possibly in a hurry, but with concrete results; maybe by following the “Ten types of possible innovation” that Mendes lays as the foundation of the change. In order to innovate, of course, problems that are important to people must be tackled, but it is also necessary to be aware that these problems are anything but easy to solve (if this were not the case, the market would already be flooded with solutions.)

The event on Friday, which is part of the project Giovani di Valore (Talented Young People), sponsored by the Cariplo Foundation and Welfare in Action, will spotlight everything that a company must keep an eye on to support and improve competitiveness: how to get paid, how to connect with others, how to assume the risks when exploring unknown directions, how to change “the usual way of doing business”. So, Mendes is not joking, and the topics that need consideration concern entrepreneurs all round.

Because it is not possible to think of a gutsy company that does not control product performance, or does not use all of its energies to create complementary products and services. Of course, it must start from the brand (a value that goes beyond the product) and always keep in mind the aspirations and desires of the costumers.

The premise is very important: no compromises, lots of research and communication designed for the targets. Because language is also important; everyone has his needs and, even when an advertisement spreads via the social media or via WhatsApp, it is good to remember, that whoever receives it is a person with his own expectations and requests. And how much risk is there in all of this? Let us just say that there is a risk. What is important is that the risk should be as low as possible.

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