“We want justice for Giada, not money”

A few days before the trial, the parents of the 17-year-old girl who was killed by a hit-and-run driver, speak out. Gramellini has also written about this story, on the front page of Corriere della Sera.

Giada Molinaro

The parents of Giada Molinaro have had their daughter’s name tattooed on their arms. They live in her memory, and in her name. They have decided not to accept the compensation offered by the insurance company of the man who ran over their daughter.

“We don’t want to be deprived by the possibility of bringing a  civil action,” Pasquale Molinaro and Stefania Marzano said. “If we accepted the sum, it would mean accepting a compromise. To tell the truth, we want to be present in the courtroom. We also want justice to be applied without any reductions, because with the summary judgment, there’ll already a reduction.”

Massimo Gramellini’s commentary
Today, Saturday 4 March, in his column in the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Massimo Gramellini also wrote about Giada’s parents’ the decision. He mentioned a different sum from the one that was actually offered by the insurance company. But, of course, it is not the sum of money that is at issue, as he explains.

in that proud decision made by a modest family, we can read something else. Something that goes beyond codes and trial benefits. This is the assertion that not everything in the world can be quantified. The love for a lost daughter, for instance. And the refrain from blemishing her memory by monetising it.


The trial will start on 21 March. Giada Molinaro was knocked down by Flavio Calogero Jeanne, a 24-year-old from Varese, who failed to stop and assist her. He was arrested 2 days later. He told the garage that he had hit a boar. “He showed no signs of remorse,” Giada’s father said. “He was arrested two days later and he didn’t give himself up. This behaviour is unacceptable and we want him to be punished.”

Giada’s mother Stefania is heartbroken. “He didn’t even touch his brakes; he didn’t assist her. Maybe if he’d tried to help her, one day we’d have been able to forgive him; but not now.”

The family of the 24 year-old man is shattered by what happened. Giada’s parents received a letter from Flavio’s parents the day of the funeral, but they did not read it. It was too painful for them.

The sum offered by the insurance company to the lawyer Corrado Viazzo was of €300,000 each. Pasquale Molinaro explained that, once the trial has finished, they will probably sue. It is less likely that they will get a similar amount of compensation, and the process will be rougher, but that is what they have decided.

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