Travel tips: the walk of the Rota Vicentina

It is one of the most beautiful walks in Europe for those people who love walking paths; it is also known as the “Via Vicentina”, which runs along the Portugal occidental coast with an ocean view. This is the best you could ask for for a walk or for those who are fond of trekking.


It is one of the most beautiful paths in Europe for those who love walks. It is also known as the “Via Vicentna”, which runs along the Portugal occidental coast with an ocean view. This is the best you could ask for for a walk or for those who are fond of trekking.
The Rota Vicentina is an itinerary of almost 400 kilometres that twists and turns through what is one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. Many paths through varied and different landscapes, whose longest path is the one of 230 km known as the “historical path.”

The “Rota” starts in Santiago do Cacém and goes to Capo St. Vincente, in the Algarve. There are two main circuits that make up the path, one is inside a natural park, in the Alentejo, the other is along the coast between beaches and breath-taking ocean views.

The Rota Vicentina landscapes

There are many places that you can see along this wonderful path, such as long and enchanting beaches, high and sinking cliffs on the ocean, green coves framed with sandy beaches. And also, there is everything wonderful that nature has to offer, from particular flowers to pleasant encounters with animals even rare, such as otters and storks.
For fans, it is possible to practice surf on the ocean, taking advantage of the Atlantic waves that are notoriously coveted by all lovers of the board to ride. During summer days, you can spend some nice moments in the coolness of rivers and streams in addition to the beaches located along the path.

Trekking trip on the Rota Vicentina

A perfect trip for people fond of trekking, so for everyone loves to walk. There are many paths, some of which have been known since ancient times as being used by pilgrims from all over the world to go to Santiago de Compostela via Cabo de Sao Vicente.
In concrete terms, the Rota Vicentina is an alternative to the route of Santiago de Compostela or the Via Francigena. The most beautiful path of Portugal for lovers of trekking, those people who love this type of holiday and are looking for suggestive places to visit. It is also a perfect trip for lovers of the sea or, even better, of the ocean. The constant walk along the Rota Vicentina in contact with picturesque and folkloristic places such as fishing villages. All this, of course, in the context of a trekking holiday, then preparing and equipping yourself at best for a trip of this kind.

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