Art, automation, sustainability: distance teaching with Pirelli.

Distance teaching affects also Fondazione Pirelli with three routes aimed at children and teenagers, from 6 to 18 years old. From games of Bruno Munari to coding


It consists of three different routes, each one consisting in digital head-on moments (videos, podcasts and images) and practical and creative activities, the programme Fondazione Pirelli Educational, even more digital to offer support to teachers, that are committed in distance teaching.
A century and half of history and enterprise culture at the disposal of children and teenagers to provide an important contribution on transversal topics to the different educational disciplines like automation, innovation and sustainability.
Topics are tackled with a series of contents (made starting from the company assets, historic and contemporary of the foundation) to use in its entirety or partly, at discretion of the individual teacher and the trail undertaken with the students.


The proposal for children of primary school looks at readings inspired by “Piccole storie di gomma”, a path dedicated to the artists who have collaborated with Pirelli in various ways, ranging from texts by Dino Buzzati to toys by Bruno Munari, from poems by Alfonso Gatto to illustrations by Fulvio Bianconi and Jean Michel Folon.


For the students of lower secondary school, the proposed activities focus on robotics and innovation related to the laboratory Codes for preserving, codes for programming, to understand the language of coding from its birth to the most modern implications.


The path designed for High School students is dedicated instead to the theme of sustainability.

All paths will finish with a visit, even if virtual, to the spaces of Fondazione Pirelli via Fondazione Pirelli Experience.

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