Portable air-conditioners, opinions and reviews

In the last decade, we have seen dramatic climate changes, including scorching summers, with African heatwaves, and extremely high levels of humidity, which make it essential to use air-conditioners in homes


In the last decade, we have seen dramatic climate changes, including scorching summers, with African heatwaves, and extremely high levels of humidity, which make it essential to use air-conditioners in homes.

These devices establish the environmental conditions inside the rooms in homes or workplaces, controlling the temperature and humidity, according to personal needs and preferences.


An increasing number of people prefer portable air-conditioners to the traditional, central air-conditioners, and sales confirm this. Why do people choose to buy a portable air-conditioner instead of a traditional one?

The portable air-conditioner turns hot, humid air into cool, dry air, by means of a cooling system that, unlike traditional air-conditioners, has all of the components in a single unit, thereby making it more compact.

Fixed air-conditioners consist of an internal unit and an external unit, which are connected through pipes and cables, and need to be installed by specialised technicians. This is not the case for portable air-conditioners, which are quick and easy to install, and can be moved from one room to another.

Some portable air-conditioners are fitted with tubes that send the hot air outside, but these are occasionally inconvenient, as they must be placed near a window, to ensure that the hot air is pushed out of the room. Thanks to technological advances, some of the latest generation models have a cooling system based on a natural process, and others are tubeless.


The main advantage of portable air-conditioners is low energy consumption, when cooling certain rooms, compared to traditional air-conditioners (we recommend purchasing portable air-conditioners with energy class A).

As the portable air-conditioner does not have an external unit, it does not need to be installed, and, thanks to its wheels and handles, it can be easily moved from one room to another.

Other advantages of portable air-conditioners is that they come with remote controls and timers, and are easy to maintain; in particular, the cleaning of the filter does not require special interventions, as it just needs to be disassembled, and wiped with a damp cloth or rinsed under warm water, about every two months.


On the website condizionatore-portatile.it, you will find a wide range of the best, latest generation models, which can be purchased on Amazon, at competitive prices, and attractive monthly offers.

In this article, we have looked at some air-conditioners.

De’ Longhi Pinguino PAC EX120 Silent Portable Air-Conditioner

1050 W, Plastic, Black (energy class A)

An “air-air”, portable air-conditioner that is elegant, efficient and very well-rated for its excellent performance, size and specifications, without sacrificing energy savings and comfort.

Its perfect technology and excellent specifications have made it popular, in a short time:

compact size, silent, low consumption.

Energy class: A. Refrigerant gas: R290, which harmless and non-toxic to humans and the environment. Maximum cooling capacity: 12,000 BTU/h. –  3.0 kW.

EER: 3.0.

Maximum dehumidifying capacity: 1.30 l/h. Maximum noise level: 64 dB(A). Air flow (min-med-max): 350 m³/h. Maximum power input cooling: 1 kW.


The “SILENT” function is excellent, as it reduces the noise of the machine thanks to “the double speed condensation fan.”

The “REAL FEEL” technology, which combines humidity control and temperature reduction, is interesting.

This air-conditioner is functional and practical, and has a dehumidification only/ventilation only function; it dehumidifies and cools the house.

It has an LED display that provides immediate feedback of the level of comfort, a clean and elegant design, a 24-hour timer and a digital remote control.

It has a washable dust filter, an air purifying filter, and a condensate recirculation system.

Dimensions: Height, 80 cm; Width, 44 cm; Net weight, 32.5 kg; Depth, 40 cm.

Accessories: wheels for movement, an air-discharge hose, a flexible hose, an “extendable crossbar for installation” on roller shutters, windows and sliding doors.

Catalogue price: €1440.00, free shipping.

Offer of the month: only for this month, you can purchase the De’ Longhi portable air-conditioner on Amazon, with a 50% discount, at the price of €788.30.

Click here to purchase on Amazon.

Dolceclima Silent 10P Portable Air-Conditioner

The “Dolceclima Silent 10P” portable air-conditioner is an excellent balance of comfort and essential design, as it is white and adapts easily to any environment.

It is suitable for cooling medium-sized rooms (25-30 m2), it is quiet, and is equipped with the “Blue Air Technology” system, which amplifies the cooling air as it is not distributed nearby, but is released upwards, which is an excellent solution for achieving air distribution that compares to that of a fixed air-conditioner.

It cools up to 2.5 Kw, in energy class A, “cooling capacity 10,000 BTU/h”, natural refrigerant gas “R290”, which is harmless and non-toxic for the environment, sound pressure “min-max 38-48dB(A)”, sound power “63 dB(A)”.


The “SILENT SYSTEM” function is extraordinary, it makes the air-conditioner quiet at maximum speed, thanks to “the double speed condenser fan”, automatic condensate draining, dehumidification only/ventilation only system, three ventilation speeds, “goodnight sleep” system for temperature control during the night.

The main functions of this machine can be controlled using the convenient, multifunction remote control or from the touchscreen display, which makes the air-conditioner a modern product.


Air discharge hose supplied, wheels for movement, side handles, multifunction remote control and 12h timer.

Dimensions: Height, 76 cm; Width, 40 cm; Depth, 46 cm; Net weight, 29 kg.

Price: the cost of this air-conditioner varies between €300 and €350, depending on the time of year, and on any offers on Amazon.

Click here to buy it on Amazon

De’ Longhi Pinguino PAC AN112 Silent Portable Air-Conditioner, 950 W, White

This is a remarkable portable air-conditioner, produced by a brand that is very well-known in Italy, especially for its quality, De’ Longhi.

One of the best models in the Pinguino line, this is built with premium materials and an elegant design; it is practical but at the same time efficient, compact in size, and has excellent features:

maximum cooling capacity “11,000 BTU/h”; maximum dehumidification capacity, “1.70 l/h”; cooling capacity, “2.9 kW”; maximum noise level, “UI 63 dB(A)”; maximum air flow, “UI 350 m3/h”; maximum power input cooling, “0.95 kW”.


“Real Feel” technology, which combines humidity control and temperature reduction. The “SILENT” function is excellent; it makes the machine quiet, thanks to “the double speed of the condenser fan”, ventilation only/dehumidification only function, energy saving with energy class A+, quiet, “natural refrigerant gas, R290”, which respects the environment, condensate recirculation system.

It has an LED display, it is able to provide immediate feedback about the comfort level, and has a remote control and a digital, 24-hour timer. Three ventilation speeds, night function.


Air purifier filter, handles and wheels for easy movement, washable dust filter, flexible hose, about 1.5 metres in length, for discharging the air, “practical extendable crossbar”, for installation on roller shutters, windows and sliding doors.

Dimensions: Height, 76 cm; Width, 45 cm; Depth, 40 cm; Net weight, 30 kg.

Price: this air-conditioner can be purchased on Amazon, with a 50% discount, at the cost of €400,00, free shipping.

Click here to purchase on Amazon

TROTEC PAC 2600 X Air-Conditioner

This is a portable air-conditioner that is equipped with split technology; it works like a fixed air-conditioner, with an internal and an external part; the external motor increases the power of the air-conditioner (which is one of the most powerful); it can cool a 50 m2 room without costing too much.

Functions and features

Cooling power of “2.6 kW”, two ventilation levels, air flow regulation, timer function, removable air filter, quiet operating system “<52 dB(A)”, automatic cooling system, ventilation only/dehumidification only function.

It has a timer with an automatic shutdown function that lasts 24 hours, and a remote control to activate its functions remotely.

The only negative side is the energy class B, which does not provide optimal energy savings, which means it is not very economical to run.

Dimensions: Height, 70 cm; Width, 36 cm; Depth, 35 cm; Net weight, 25 kg.

Price: if you are interested in purchasing this air-conditioner, you will find it available on Amazon, with a 7% discount, at the price of €419.95, free shipping.

Click here to purchase on Amazon

KLARSTEIN Skyscraper Ice – 4-in-1 Portable Air-Conditioner

One of the few portable air-conditioners that have a four-in-one function: air-conditioner, cooler, humidifier and fan.

Its size, only 28 cm in diameter, makes it easy to place in the home and suitable for any room, because of its modern appearance.

It has an oscillating function, which moves it from left to right, by 180 degrees; excellent for air-distribution, even in large rooms.

“Thirty minute interval” system, which, in sleep mode, reduces the speed every thirty minutes “until it shuts down automatically”.

Large, six-litre tank, which allows the air intake to be cooled and humidified, by means of a vaporisation system.


This appliance has three speed functions, in three modes, “(normal-natural-night)”, a timer, with the possibility of auto shutdown up to eight hours, with half-hour intervals.  Air ionisation function, water level indicator, air filter that is easy to remove and clean.

Switch located on the upper side, LED display and remote control optimise the controls.

Excellent reviews of its functions and aesthetics.

Dimensions: Height, 95 cm; Diameter, 28 cm; Net weight, about 6 kg.

Price: available on Amazon at €229.99, free shipping, thanks to a 19% discount.

Click here to purchase on Amazon

Argoclimate SOFTY PLUS Portable Air-Conditioner, Heating Function, 13,000 BTU/h

A portable air-conditioner, with an attractive design, guaranteed comfort and a soft line.

Described by buyers as one of the best air-conditioners, with performance and power above the norm, excellent quality/price ratio.

Cooling capacity of “13,000 BTU”, automatic air jet adjustment, thanks to automatic rotation.

Four operating modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidifier and heating.

It has a programmable timer, “automatic condensation vaporisation” in cooling mode, and “continuous condensation discharge” in dehumidifier mode.

Removable and easily washable air filter, integrated display, remote control, wheels and handles for movement.

Dimensions: Height, 80 cm; Width, 48 cm, Depth, 39 cm; Net weight, 37 kg.

Price: this item is available on Amazon, at the price of €344,49, free shipping.

Click here to purchase on Amazon

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