Arriva la neve, e l’obbligo di gomme e catene

From 15 November to 15 March, it will be mandatory to fit winter tyres, or to carry tyre chains in the boot. Simeoni: “Great compliance last year; this year, we’ll be carrying out checks.”

“Yes” to chains and winter tyres on provincial roads, in Varese and many other towns and villages throughout the Province, who want to ensure that drivers using our roads have a safe winter.

The time to fit winter tyres, or to carry chains in the boot is the same as last year: from 15 November to 15 March.

Confirmations have come from Varese’s town and provincial councils.

This decision by the authorities was considered controversial by drivers in Varese last winter, but was an undoubted success.

“There were no blocked roads, and not traffic problems on the provincial road networks,” explained Aldo Simeoni, the provincial councillor for traffic. “It’s thanks to the media, who discussed the matter, but above all, to the traffic police who did a fantastic job of persuading the people.”

Simeoni referred to the methods adopted by the provincial police, who had decided to take a soft line with drivers, explaining the terms of the decision “which has never lapsed, and will therefore come into force on 15 November,” he explained. According to the councillor, the response of drivers was positive.

“They were very good in abiding by the regulation,” he concluded, “not only to avoid traffic problems, but also to avoid car accidents, and, therefore, to invest in safety. The investments, for example, in winter tyres, won’t go to waste, because the tyres bought last year can, in most cases, be refitted for the coming winter.”

Confirmation of the pro-chain decision has also come from Varese’s town council, who, last year, also chose to oblige drivers to carry at least chains, if not fit snow tyres. “The order will certainly be made again,” said Councillor Carlo Piatti. “On the question of when, we’ll certainly bring it in on 15 November. However, the overall duration of this measure is still to be decided: we’ll discuss it towards the end of the week, and then inform drivers.”

Pubblicato il 21 ottobre 2011
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