The Councillor prefers the tram to the State car

Public transport for private trips, a hybrid car for work. The example of Simonetta Sommaruga, Swiss Councillor, that in this way cuts down on costs and she finds the favour of city dwellers.

Official car? No thanks, the tram is better. Then, if one must really use the car for work trips, then those with zero impact is better. It is very interesting the choice of new Swiss Councillor, Simonetta Sommaruga, to refuse one of more substantial confederation’s benefits.Since, she is a member of the Federal Council, she could, in fact, choose between different cars that have been made available by the State.Luxurious cars, without doubt for official movement, but also for private. An expensive gift, but one that the new councillor decided not to accept.For the past 14 years, explains the Federal Department of Justice, she hasn’t owned a car and to travel she uses public transport in addition to "Mobility" aSwiss car-sharing system which has more than 2,300 cars in all of the Confederation. Instead, for work trips she is the first to have chosen a hybrid car,which defines new energy standards for this car’s category.

"I haven’t been driving for fourteen years and I don’t see why I should begin again” confided the socialist politician to the press. I travel by bus or tram and when I need a car I use Mobility". The fact of choosing the bus or tram instead of a state car is a virtuous choice: above all from an economic point of view, it’s clear that it is a saving for public cash. Also, it can be an occasion to sit near citizens, communicating with them, listening and see the reality of the country from close up to understand and govern better. An example that could be extended past the border or at least observed.

Who is Simonetta Sommaruga

She was born 14th May in Sins (AG), and she has grown up in the Argoviese region of Freiamt. After finishing school,she studied piano at the Lucerne conservatory. After various trips abroad she continued her concert and educational activity at the Friburgo conservatoire. From 1993 she was the head of the consumer protection foundation, where she assumed the chairmanship between 2000 and 2010. From 1997 to 2005 she carried out the task of town advisor in Koniz (head of firefighter section and civil protection) and she was national advisor from 1999 to 2003. From 2003 to 2010 she represented the Canton Berna during the States Council. She sat in the Economic and Taxes Commission(CET) and in the Social Security and Health Commission (CSS). She has been the vice-president of the Environmental Commission, of the Territorial and Energy Planning Commission (CAPTE) as well as Switzerland’s Delegation in the parliamentary committee of AELS countries and she was responsible for relationships with the European Parliament. The 22th September 2010 the plenary federal meeting elected Simonetta Sommaruga into the federal Council. From 1st November she is the chief of police and justice federal department. Simonetta Sommaruga is married to the writer Lukas Hartmann. In winter during her free time she plays the piano and she reads, but in the summer she prefers to stay in garden and go for walks in the mountains.



Pubblicato il 12 novembre 2010
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