“You also steal, Ruby”, an ironic video about the Premier’s affairs

A new video, created by the entertainer, Omar Stellacci, who has written other ironic songs about politics in the town of Saronno, has appeared online. This time, the song recounts the well-known events of “Villa Arcòr”.

Omar Stellacci has struck again. The Youtube entertainer and his friends, almost all of whom work in Saronno’s music circles, have “delivered” a new work based on current events and politics. The song’s title is “Anche tu Rubi” (a play on words: the title means “You also steal”, but contains a reference to the “Ruby affair” involving the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, ed.) and although the lyrics do not include the names of the people involved, the references to them are clear: “So what’s your name, babe? You already know mine.” Or: “I can give you everything but happiness, but please, don’t you call me daddy, too.” And then: “Because tomorrow, when you come out from this door, how old you are and how many years I’ve taken from you, will only be your damned business.”

But the best part is the refrain: “You also steal, Ruby, we steal each other’s hearts. I pay you, Ruby, but I’m not satisfied, Ruby. But you can dream in this “Villa Arcòr”.

Omar Stellacci is the stage name of an entertainer for whom a number of short films have been created (from “How to cook lasagne” to “The psychoanalyst session”), and he is by no means new to the world of politics; in the past, he wrote the songs “Ciao Renoldi” (“Goodbye, Ms Renoldi”), “Ciao Marzorati” (“Goodbye, Mr Marzorati”) and “Ciao Porro” (“Goodbye, Mr Porro”), which were all dedicated to mayoral candidates in Saronno, who were either forced to resign, or who lost their elections. The reactions of some of the people concerned were rather angry.

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Pubblicato il 16 novembre 2010
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