Lucia and Caterina Bosetti at the Olympics

The two sisters from Albizzate have been included in the list of 12 players on the Italian women’s team taking part in the London Games. Also playing are Arrighetti and Cardullo, but Anzanello and Ortolano have not been selected.

Two Varese women at the Olympics. This is nothing new for a province that has had so many Olympic sportsmen and women, but it is certainly a lovely surprise. Lucia and Caterina Bosetti, the two prodigies of Italian volleyball, will be wearing the jersey of the women’s team in London 2012. This is what was announced today by Massimo Barbolini, who, from Russia, revealed his list of 12 players who will be taking part in the London Games. The list includes the two spikers from Albizzate, in Varese Province, Lucia, now a veteran of playing in the national team, and Caterina, who, at the age of 18, will have the honour of representing Italy on the most important stage.

The list also includes Lo Bianco and Rondon (setters), Arrighetti, Gioli and Barazza (middles), Piccinini, Costagrande and Del Core (spikers), Cardully and Croce (free). So Sara Anzanello is out, and so is Serena Ortolani (who, for years, was the opposite on the Italian team), who were competing with the Bosetti sisters for a place for London, right until the last minute. It is clear that Barbolini is betting on the tactical choice that was so successful in the last World Cup: Costagrande, spiker, and one of the Bosettis, opposite, with the role of receiving.

For the Italian team, the Games begin on 28 July, with their match against the Dominican Republic, and end, at least we hope so, at the final weekend of the Olympics; indeed, it is on the volleyball team that Italy has placed most hopes for a medal.

Pubblicato il 11 luglio 2012
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