“Local” fashion on show in New York

Giuseppe Altadonna and Fabrizio Cappelli are among the Italians who took part in the closing day of fashion week in New York. This is their adventure.

 There were also two Varese citizens among the Italian names at the end of fashion week in New York, on Thursday 13 February, at the Lincoln Center. They were the designer, Giuseppe Altadonna, and the entrepreneur, Fabrizio Cappelli, the creators of the new SilkSkin line.

These two Varese brains succeeded in appearing at the fashion show in the “Big Apple”, thanks to their intuition and their desire to get known, and by bringing products bearing Italian (especially Varese) labels. “It all started with the idea of designing products with fabrics and materials from Italy (preferably sourced locally), and of giving our products a very Italian feel,” Giuseppe explained, a few hours after returning from New York.

But let’s start at the beginning. Giuseppe studied Fashion at the Marangoni School in Milan, and began working for big name brands. First of all, for Dolce & Gabbana, then for Gianfranco Ferrè, “with whom I had a fantastic professional experience.” There were then close collaborations with Milanese brands, experience in the world of accessories, from bags to shoes, also beside big name brands in the sector. Finally, Giuseppe felt he wanted to create something exclusive and personal. “I met Fabrizio Cappelli, and he had the idea of combining our professional experiences and talents.” Then came the opportunity to appear in New York, on the closing day of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the project created to give space to young Italian designers, organised in collaboration with FTL Moda, of Ilaria Niccolini Production, and with Studio del Vecchio.

Giuseppe Altadonna and Fabrizio Cappelli decided to have a go, and they designed a new line of women’s clothing. “We produced 18 exits for the show. Our line has a strong sporty chic character. We want a woman who dresses to express herself and not to show off a big name brand. We want to enable a woman to be a woman, and not an “advertisement”. The clothes must show her and her beauty.” The line seems to have been appreciated by the American audience, and it already has a showroom in Milan.

“The idea is to find a distributor also on the other side of the ocean.” So, Giuseppe Altadonna, 38, and Fabrizio Cappelli, 42, have a new project for the future, and all achieved thanks to companies in the provinces of Varese and nearby Como. SilkSkin, a brand that crossed the ocean from Varese.

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Pubblicato il 18 febbraio 2014
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