From February 25th, discounts for a minimum of 20 transits in a month for Telepass users. This is how it works.

The little help for the motorway commuters’ wallet comes at the end of the month, in particular from February 25th, the date in which will become active the agreement between the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports and Aiscat: it is about a facilitation up to 20% on the highway toll for commuters who use Telepass (an electronic toll).

The reduction is available from February 1st 2014 to December 31st 2015 and, it cannot be accumulated with other initiatives of modulation/facilitation already activated, as we can read on website, but only starting from February 25th it will be possible to request the facilitation entering directly to Telepass Club, the private area of, or going to the Blue Point/Service Point.

Who has the right to have the facilitation?

The facilitation is reserved to those people who drive Class A vehicles ( two axles and the height on the first one is 1.30 metres or lower), have Telepass (Family, Viacard and Rechargeable) and travel for more than 20 transits in a month and make a maximum of 50 km (with fixed starting point and  destination).

What do we have to do to request the facilitation?

The facilitation will be available only for the clients who will request it, starting from February 25th, to a Blue Point or in the private area of specifying the in and out tool booth. It will be possible to indicate a single route.

As for the open system – in which the client does not make the transaction that allows to establish whence someone comes from and/or where goes toward – the client will indicate the tollbooth/the barrier crossing.

How is the facilitation calculated and applied?

The facilitation consists in the reduction of the toll-price, applied moderately from a minimum of 1% (in the case of 21 monthly transits) to a maximum of 20% (in the case of 40 monthly transits). Beginning from the 21st transit, therefore, the discount (for all 21 transits) will be of 1% and increase moderately (2% of the total toll-price for 22 made transits, 3% for 23 ones, etc.) to the 20% of the total toll-price that will be released after the 40th transit. From the 41st transit (and to a maximum of 46 ones), the discount will be always of 20% on every transit that a client will make.

The discount is applied for a maximum of two daily transits, included festivities, and it is not combinable with others facilitations or tariff-moderation initiatives. The discount will be calculated at the end of the month in which will be made the transits and applied on the first following bill, and will be retroactive, that is to say it starts on the first day of the month in which the request is made. 

Pubblicato il 14 febbraio 2014
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