Numerous onlookers, free coffee, and a selfie with the TILO

Some got on the train to take a ride, others just came by to look at it again and take a photo in the station. Many people came today to greet the return of the train in Valceresio.

tilo treni

It was a day of celebration, with a lot of smiling, intense curiosity and great coming and going of people from the early hours of the morning, at the five stations that today, Sunday, 7 January, opened their doors after almost nine years of waiting.

In Porto Ceresio, Bisuschio, Induno Olona, Arcisate and Cantello, today was the day of the real inauguration, with a great number of people who wanted to greet the return of the railway service in Valceresio, in their own way, “taking measurements” of the new stations, making a trial run on the TILO, or just stopping on the platforms to watch the train go past again.

“I used it a lot when I was working,” said Mario Larghi, 75, who had come down from Cuasso al Monte to watch the first trains for Varese and Milan set off. “Then I retired, and they also retired the train, so I had to rely on the car.”

“I’m excited,” Luciano Fiore, 54, said. “The train is something beautiful; it’s for everyone, and really convenient. We hope people understand and use it, and we also hope that the usual suspects don’t start vandalising the new, beautiful Porto Ceresio station.”

Marianna Iozzini, 29, comes from Laveno Ponte Tresa, and got into the train to spend a day in Milan, visiting an exhibition. “I couldn’t wait, it’s wonderful to have the train back, and as I often go to Milan, for me, it’s really convenient. In about ten minutes, I get to the station in Porto, I get onto the train and get off directly in Milan.”

Taiwo and Silvester, two Nigerians, were also very happy; they got on in Arcisate and were going to look around Varese. They shared the opinion of Mario Abbagnale, a 66-year-old pensioner who lives in Arcisate. “I wanted to have a walk around to see how it was, and I have to say I’m really happy. Money well spent; they made us suffer a bit with the wait, but we’re finally here.”

Renata and Laura, two pensioners, came to see how the station in Induno Olona worked, and to understand … if the train was noisy. “We live just near here, and we were worried about the noise,” they said. “But you can’t hear a thing, here, or at home. These trains are really quiet! And today, if it doesn’t rain, we’re going for a walk around Como.”

Everywhere, during the whole morning, clusters of people went into and out of the stations to comment, take photos and take selfies on the platforms. And for those who wanted to take a look inside the two bars, which are already up and running (in Induno Olona and in Arcisate), there was also a free coffee offered by the company that won the bid to run the bars, which will be the heart of the three stations. Indeed, the three bars, which are open from 5 a.m. until late in the evening, will be the refreshment points, but also, from next week, the ticket office for anyone that does not have a season ticket, or does not want to buy tickets online.

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