Record numbers thanks to the Christmas lights in Leggiuno

About 140,000 visitors in one month, thanks to the event which ended with positive results.

Lucine di LEggiuno, che passione

The Christmas magic has ended and the large display of Christmas lights in Leggiuno has been taken down, at least for this year. In just under a month, from 8 December to 7 January, there were record numbers.


The church, the steeple, the enchanted forest and Lino Betti’s house had 140,000 visitors, with peaks of 8,000 people during the busiest evenings. This year, it was Lino’s son, Fabio Betti, who, with the support of the parish, took over the organisation of the event. For its part, the council saw to providing security and ensuring that the traffic flowed. The initial disagreements were smoothed out to leave the way clear for a Christmas event that has been the talk of the town throughout the Province, and not only.


Indeed. the national television news programmes welcomed the opportunity to speak about the event that contained a display of almost half million LED lights.


The numbers speak clearly: during the event, 80 volunteers were involved in managing the lights, and 63, in controlling the traffic. Two thousand litres of chocolate and 50 demijohns of wine were consumed, and 10,000 cups of the event were sold. The three organised car parks were greatly used, as was the shuttle service. It was a good investment, also from the economic point of view, considering that the proceeds minus expenses, is going to the parish youth club (the final amount will be calculated in the next few days).


Furthermore, the event brought business to the area, and to the local shopkeepers. At least two restaurants organised special menus. In short, it was a great success, which begs the question: will it be repeated next year? “We have to see,” Fabio Betti explained. “When we’ve analysed the numbers, we’ll know what to do. It’s no secret that even Varese town council have asked us several times to bring the event to Varese, but we have to see. The event was created in my father’s house, in his village, and this is important. We’ll see.”

Now, it is time to take everything down. “This will take a few weeks.” The magic is over, but the great commitment of the many volunteers continues.

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