Goldrake turns 40 and today gives you a gift

The book "C’era una volta Goldrake" by Massimo Nicora, in a special limited edition, will be for sale from 7 p.m. on 4TH April, the same time that the first episode of the cartoon was broadcast in Italy


On the occasion of the celebrations for the 40 years from the first transmission of the series Atlas Ufo Robot in Italy, the publishing company La Torre proposes again the book C’era una volta Goldrake. The true story of the Japanese robot that revolutionized the Italian TV by Massimo Nicora in a special edition, limited and numbered, completely revised, corrected and with a new cover.

Of the new edition will be made only 100 copies that can be purchased exclusively from the site of publishing company La Torre ( from 19.00 on 4th April, 2018 – at the same time that the first episode of the cartoon was broadcast in Italy in 1978until stocks are exhausted. The copies cannot be ordered and once the circulation is exhausted the special edition will no longer be reprinted. The “normal” edition will remain available anyway.


The book “C’era una volta Goldrake”

What is the true story of Goldrake? Are there differences between the cartoon and the comic? How did this series arrive in France and then in Italy? What really happened at the time of its transmission? What is the mystery that lurks behind the title Atlas Ufo Robot and the name Goldrake? To these and other questions, the book provides for the first time a clear, precise and documented response through a trip from Japan to Italy, passing through France, which reconstructs in a complete and detailed way the birth and diffusion of the series, the success and the popular phenomenon, controversy and debate in the press, casting light once and for all on those issues that for years have affected the audience of enthusiasts. Hundreds of articles in print, footage and recordings from the RAI, interviews with leaders and officials of the time, memories of presenters, announcers and authors of acronyms and television programs: the richest reconstruction of the Goldrake affaire, never before realized, that returns the image of an extraordinary era of television and Italian society in the late 1970s. With the introductory notes of Rai executives Massimiliano Gusberti and Paola De Benedetti and a final essay by Gianluca di Fratta.


Who is Massimo Nicora

Massimo Nicora was born in Varese, he is 46 years old and had been mayor of Cazzago Brabbia. Journalist, he graduated in Theoretical Philosophy  at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan and deals with communication and relations with the press for important national and international companies, with particular regard to the sectors of video games and of animation cinema. Fan of Goldrake and Japanese robots, he lectured on the 30 years of Goldrake in Italy during the event Maggio Bambino (2008) and FirenzeGioca (2008) and has released interviews with Radio Deejay and TG3 Neapolis. On behalf of the Japanese editor D/Visual, in 2007 he took care of the launch and promotion in Italy of the first edition of the series DVD.
He was the author of the book C’era una volta …before Mazinger and publishing company La Torre – via Sapienza, 1 – 81020 San Marco Evangelista (CE) – Web site:

Goldrake. History of Japanese robots from the origins to the Seventies (Youcanprint, 2016) and is curator of a blog dedicated to Goldrake (

C’ERA UNA VOLTA GOLDRAKE the true story of the Japanese robot that revolutionized the Italian TV.

Special edition for the 40 years of Goldrake in Italy

Publisher: Publishing Company The tower features: 664 pp., cm 14.80 x cm 21, paperback with color cover

Price: €28.50

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