A special year as sports “ambassadors”

Sesto Calende has obtained the title of “European City of Sport 2019”. The town council, associations and volunteers have been working for months on this project to achieve their best.

Presentazione Special Olympics - Varese 27 / 29 aprile 2018

Next year will be special for Sesto Calende. A few months ago, the town obtained the title of “European City of Sport 2019”, an important acknowledgement of the work of the sports associations in Sesto Calende over the years, but also of the town council, Pro Sesto and the volunteers, who have contributed to the project that led to its nomination.

The nomination was made formal last October, in the offices of the Italian Olympic Games Committee, in Rome, where a delegation from Sesto Calende officially received the nomination directly from the Chairman, Giovanni Malagò. The title not only gives visibility to the activities of the sports groups, but also brings with it a “mission”: to promote sport and everything that is virtuous that comes with it.

“The motto that accompanies every activity we are planning is: every euro invested in sport is a future saving in healthcare. This is the project’s underlying logic,” the councillor for sport, Simone Pintori, explained. “I’m very proud of what has been done so far, and I’m sure that, if we work hard, this project will bring a lot of value to the town. The months preceding the nomination provided a unique opportunity for so many associations that make up the social fabric of Sesto Calende to work together; I’d first like to mention the sports associations, of which there are a lot, and they’re really active, and the Municipal Tourist Board and traders.”

For Sesto Calende, the European Year of Sport will officially start in January but, in fact, a lot is already happening. “This month,” Pintori continued, “we have on the agenda some important dates, in addition to about twenty other events related to the individual sports associations. We start on Sunday, 8 April, with the sixth ‘Gran Fondo Città di Sesto Calende’ mountain bike race, organised by the Velo Club Sestese, an event that draws hundreds of riders and enthusiasts. On 15 April, it is the turn of the Bike Days, organised in collaboration with Decathlon, and 29 April will be the day of the Fisdir swimming competition. With a view to promoting sport and wellbeing, every Saturday, there will also be Nutriwalk events.”

For more information – the Facebook page of the European Town of Sport 2019

To participate in the special event – marketing@varesenews.it

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